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Posted by ron 
March 28, 2017 05:52AM
Hi everyone!

Based on what yongki has written
> U-Boot 1.1.4 (Feb 24 2012 - 15:06:45)NC1

the internal LG codename for the N2Bx series are NC1. (Just like NT1 is the codename for the N1T1/N1A1/...). I downloaded the sources from LG and compared the nt1-setup.c and nc1-setup.c BSP files (my DTS was based on the nt1-setup file).

Apart from the different CPUs there are other things that have to be considered:
- The NC1 has an RTC attached to the I2C bus, probably a Ricoh R2025SD.
- It also has a NAND flash, which is at least 16MB large (I couldn't find the MTDPART_SIZ_FULL definition so the size of the last partition is unknown). It shouldn't affect booting from USB but if you want to re-flash the original OS then some adjustments have to be made.
- This also means that there is no SPI flash that is defined in the NT1 DTS.
- There is no USB device support, eg. the NAS can't be attached to a PC as a mass storage device. (IMHO you don't lose anything special)
- USB VBUS and VBUS EN pin definitions seem to be missing, USB power is probably enabled all the time (or U-Boot enables it).
- The HDD power pins are defined, however the function that sets the power state is empty.
- There are some unknown GPIO pin definitions (MPP20, MPP22, MPP32, MPP33) that are probably LEDs or buttons and are controlled from the LG NAS daemon (there are scripts in the original rootfs with pin number definitions, so you can look it up).

The bottom line is that the NT1 DTS cannot be used for the NC1/N2B1. Maybe you'll have success by modifying some kernel arguments (like removing the mtdparts=spi... part) but it won't be a 100% stable/functional unit.
My advice is to either create a DTS based on the NT1 DTS and the nc1-setup.c, nt1-setup.c file. Or point me to a site where I can buy an N2B1 in the EU for less than 50-60EUR and I'll be happy to port the kernel for the N2B1 :)
Mattias Magnusson
May 29, 2017 05:43PM
Hi, i see this is a seriously old tread and that ny question is not related to the active discussion, but this is my last hope. As you probably understand I also have a N1T1DD1 device that recently broke down, so I bought a new disc and replaced it, now i don't have a recovery disc for my device since it's very old ^^ it sure have served me well after all these years and I still want to kick some life in to this butiful machine.

Does anyone have a original recovery disc of this device or could some one guide me through how to install any os on this device since I don't have anything installed. I have tried to do the power + backup button start but it seams useless without the recovery disc. I would love if you could share your recovery disc in a ISO format or any other image that I could burn my self, i have been in contact with LG about this disc but they say they don't have one or that they can't send me a copy of it in any way. So you're my last hope here guys.

Thanks in advance.
Great regards Mattias Magnusson.

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