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["SOLVED"]: Linux Kernel 6.4.11 On Zyxel NSA 326 cannot boot

Posted by raffe 
["SOLVED"]: Linux Kernel 6.4.11 On Zyxel NSA 326 cannot boot
September 23, 2023 02:40PM
I also got problems booting with 6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1.

It didn't boot up so I could reach it with SSH or ping it. Tried to wake with WOL, but it didn't help.

Not sure if I have Debian-5.13.6-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs (28 Sept 2021) , but I think I installed Debian on it February 2022 so it should be that one.

I am not on site, so I have to check tomorrow what could be wrong.

@nsa_canis, did you get it working again? If yes, how?

EDIT: When I updated I followed this update process (but of course not the stuff after "shutdown -r now"):
Check versions here https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,32146

1. Find & replace /2023-09-23/ with the date today
2. Find & replace -6.4.11- with the new version (but first note the version here)
3. Find & replace -6.3.5- with the installed version (see note from step 2 above)
4. Find & replace 3OMPrPr with correct download link from forum.doozan.com
5. Save this file as "Upgrade rootfs and uImage ver [new ver].txt"
6. Run the commands below
7. If it works, edit "/root/run-apt-get-update.sh" with right version

su -
cd /boot
mkdir ./backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a uImage uInitrd ./backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a initrd.img-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a System.map-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a vmlinuz-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a config-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 backup/2023-09-23/
cp -ra dts/ backup/2023-09-23/dts 
wget https://bit.ly/3OMPrPr
mv 3OMPrPr linux-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1-bodhi.tar.bz2
tar -vxjf linux-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1-bodhi.tar.bz2
tar -xf  linux-dtb-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1.tar
apt-get remove flash-kernel 
dpkg -i linux-image-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1_1_armhf.deb
cp -a zImage-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1 zImage.fdt
cat dts/armada-380-zyxel-nas326.dtb >> zImage.fdt
mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x00008000 -e 0x00008000 -n Linux-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1 -d zImage.fdt uImage
mkimage -A arm -O linux -T ramdisk -C gzip -a 0x00000000 -e 0x00000000 -n initramfs-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1 -d initrd.img-6.4.11-mvebu-tld-1 uInitrd
mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/bootusb/
mkdir /mnt/bootusb/boot/backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a /mnt/bootusb/boot/uI* /mnt/bootusb/boot/backup/2023-09-23/
cp -a uImage uInitrd /mnt/bootusb/boot/
umount /mnt/bootusb
shutdown -r now
su -
cd /boot
rm config-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1
rm initrd.img-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1
rm linux-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1-bodhi.tar.bz2
rm linux-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1.patch
rm linux-dtb-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1.tar
rm linux-headers-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1_1.0_armhf.deb
rm linux-image-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1_1.0_armhf.deb
rm System.map-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1
rm vmlinuz-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1
rm zImage-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1

I have one more Zyxel NAS 335 that I updated. But waited for the first to boot up before I restarted. When it did not, I tried reverse the update on this second one to the version I had before, with these commands. (I did not dare to reboot after downgrading as I am not on site, but wanted a working boot IF there is a power problem and the UPS shuts it down). But do this look right?:
su -
cd /boot
  485  cp -a zImage-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 zImage.fdt
  486  cat dts/armada-380-zyxel-nas326.dtb >> zImage.fdt
  487  mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x00008000 -e 0x00008000 -n Linux-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 -d zImage.fdt uImage
  488  mkimage -A arm -O linux -T ramdisk -C gzip -a 0x00000000 -e 0x00000000 -n initramfs-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 -d initrd.img-6.3.5-mvebu-tld-1 uInitrd
  489  sync
  490  sync
  491  mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/bootusb/
  492  cp -a uImage uInitrd /mnt/bootusb/boot/
  493  sync
  494  sync
  495  umount /mnt/bootusb
  496  sync

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 09/24/2023 01:10PM by raffe.
Re: Linux Kernel 6.4.11 On Zyxel NSA 326 cannot boot
September 23, 2023 02:42PM
Re: Linux Kernel 6.4.11 On Zyxel NSA 326 cannot boot
September 23, 2023 02:46PM
bodhi Wrote:
> raffe,
> > Ah, you are right. I have a ZyXEL NAS326. So
> this
> > is wrong thread for me :-)
> Connect serial console, and power up, let it boot
> as far as it can. And post the entire serial
> console log (from u-boot banner.... everything)
> here in a new thread.
> There is no need to guess what the problem is.
> Serial console log will tell the whole story.

Thanks, will do! Maybe tomorrow when I am on site.
Re: Linux Kernel 6.4.11 On Zyxel NSA 326 cannot boot
September 24, 2023 01:10PM
Well, I got to the site and the two top LEDs had a steady light, but no response with any button.

But when I disconnected the power cable, waited 10 seconds, and reconnected the power it just booted up with 6.4.11 as nothing had ever been wrong. So probably just a random glitch or maybe a Gremling on site. Anyhow, now it seems to be happy and everything works :-)

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