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Questions rebarding different Kernel Versions

Posted by darkside40 
Questions rebarding different Kernel Versions
October 04, 2010 01:03AM
Hi there,
first of all thanks Jeff for this nice script that makes my dockstar a small Debian Server.

Just installed it yesterday and it is running really fine.

I was reading a little bit throught the forum here and now i am a little bit confused regarding different Kernel Versions, there are heavy kernels, kernels with blinking LED's etc.

I just wanted to know what are the different Versions and which kernel i have on a freshly installed Debian Dockstar.
Re: Questions rebarding different Kernel Versions
October 04, 2010 03:57AM
for beginners is it enough to use the default jeff kernel
u dont need other ones
Re: Questions rebarding different Kernel Versions
October 04, 2010 05:36AM
you can identify you kernelversion by typing
uname -r
in the console. on a new install via jeffs script it should be version

the differences between the kernels:
different module-integrations & -versions.
the real differences can be found in the changelogs .-)
at kernel.org

like gorgone wrote ... if everything works like it should, you don't need to change the kernel ...
if some of your (usb) hardware is not working and the driver/firmware is present ... then it might be helpful to switch to a newer kernel - but that does not help every time (again ... take a look into the changelog).

the led-patch should be in every kernel (should be ... but must not be) - and they can flash/blink just the way you want them to blink/flash - you can fit that to your needs (take a loook at /etc/rc.local for examples).
it makes sense to configure different led-behavior on different rootfs-locatios, so you can see what rootfs was booted (mtd2, mtd3 or usb) without being loged in .-)

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Re: Questions rebarding different Kernel Versions
October 04, 2010 06:26AM
Does jeff's Standard kernel support ext4 for the use with external HDD?

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