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Ways to create a data partition (Extended partition/GPT?)

Posted by Ellimist 

I have an 1 TB WD My Passport external hard drive that I want to use on my Pogoplug E-02. I plan to have a 5 GB rootfs, 512MB swap and the rest mounted as /home, where I will keep my data. Now, does the current kernel (, I believe I installed the V2 rescue) support extended partitions? I plan to keep one primary / partition, with swap and /home in an extended partition. If not, can I use GPT, where there are no restrictions on the number of primary partitons?

If there is some other way to do this, do tell.

I feel silly. Seems like there can be 4 primary partitions.

Thanks for reading and sorry for wasting your time.
Re: Ways to create a data partition (Extended partition/GPT?)
January 19, 2015 10:41AM
No probs ... at least you've found the answer ... from memory when partitioning I've only seen 4 primary partitions on Linux, but that's probably all with MBR ...


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