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Changing default shell on PogoPro

Posted by cdlenfert 
Changing default shell on PogoPro
April 07, 2017 03:19PM
My PogoPro is using
as it's default shell (on the stock Pogo OS). It's not saving a command history, but I'd like it to. I was able to see that
shells are also available. When I switch into one, it saves commands only for that SSH session. Is there a way to set
to the default, or better yet install and set bash as the default?

Thanks for any advice.
Re: Changing default shell on PogoPro
April 11, 2017 04:31PM
The last column in the passwd file is the default user shell. So if you want to change the default shell for the root user you would modify the entry for root in the passwd file so that the last column would be /bin/ash or /bin/hush. You'll want to ensure that the shell binary is in the /bin directory. If it is in a different directory just modify the path appropriately.

Re: Changing default shell on PogoPro
April 12, 2017 08:20PM
Thanks Ray. I found the file and was able to switch the default editor to ash, however I'm still unable to cycle through my previous commands using the up arrow in my mac terminal Looking at this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_command_shells it seems like ash should support command history, but maybe that's not the same thing as being able to toggle through previous commands??

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