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Debian on Dockstar issue

Posted by frostfang 
Debian on Dockstar issue
February 20, 2011 12:10AM
Hey guys, i tried to follow the steps in the how to to get debian on my dockstar, i followed the steps, created the partitions on my usb and ran the install.

I came across a problem, the installer said 'could not mount debian on ...' i can remember what it said because i rebooted the thing to see if i could start over again.

I think that was the next problem because when it boots up now the amber light keeps flashing. I can SSH into the device but when i try to run the installer again i get the following error.

Pogoplug:/tmp$ export PATH=$PATH:usr/sbin:/sbin/
Pogoplug:/tmp$ ./dockstar.debian-squeeze.sh
touch: /sbin/20022011051637: Read-only file system


Cannot find chroot. You need to update your PATH.
Run the following command and then run this script again:

export PATH=$PATH:/sbin:/usr/sbin

i tried doing the export path again but i still get the same issue.

Have i bricked this thing or can continue my installation of debian or can i recover to the original uboot.

I noticed there is a file called uboot-original-mtd0.kwb is this the original boot loader ?

also i turned off the pogoplug service if this helps.

Please help a troubled newbie :)
Re: Debian on Dockstar issue
February 20, 2011 08:14PM
Have you made the pogoplug system read/write before trying what is suggested?

mount / -rw -o remount
Re: Debian on Dockstar issue
February 21, 2011 12:03AM
No I haven't I will try that tonight and let you know
Re: Debian on Dockstar issue
February 22, 2011 03:51AM
Awesome !!!!1!!

That worked, i now have debian on the dockstar, thanks for the help guys

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