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Goflexnet SATA + USB

Posted by arashi 
Goflexnet SATA + USB
November 17, 2011 10:33AM
HI, i've a problem with o goflexNet. Now i explain.
on the sata port of goflex net there is
1 8GB ssd sata -> with archlinuarm on (tyhe boot disk)
1 250 GB 2.5 sata disk -> (empty ext2)
on the usb there is a powered usb hub with
1 Tb disk (NTFS - 2 partitions)
160 Gb disk (NTFS - 1 partition)

The problem is that if i boot with any disk on the USB (with or witouth HUB, it doesn't matter) the goflex won't start. It hangs complaining a kernel panic (here http://pastie.org/2878467).

If i boot witouth usb disks it goes flawlessly... and then i can connect the usb diks with no problem
but i need to boot with the usb disk attached (the GFN is a home backup)..

There's some uBoot/UBIT guru here that can help me?

Thanks in advance

PS i0've tried to find fw_setevent and print_env in my AL distro but witout luck...
Re: Goflexnet SATA + USB
November 17, 2011 01:56PM
That's a known problem on the Goflex Net. The exact solution depends on the bootloader you have. See here
Re: Goflexnet SATA + USB
November 21, 2011 08:35AM
I've searched in the topic you posted... but the solution here seems to be for a debian build and not for Archlinux... so there's a way to download the debian and use it with the ubit from Archloinuxarm?
Re: Goflexnet SATA + USB
November 21, 2011 10:29AM
You seem to confuse some things. The bootloader doesn't depend on the distro you are using. Both u-BOOT and UBIT can boot any ARM distro and not only Arch or Debian. Secondly, in my post I also described a solution for the UBIT. I don't know how the init script looks like in Arch but the idea should be the same: uncompress initrd, hardcode the partition label, put initrd together again and create uInitrd out of it.

As far as you second question is concerned, the answer is yes. You can install Debian and use it with UBIT. See here

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