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How To: Create an 802.11n AP (Access Point) w/ Debian on a Dockstar/Pogoplug/kirkwood device

Posted by davygravy 
@Joey : fair comment! and yes at least we know its possible and feasable.
Just to say, using the instructions on the first page with minimal alterations, I've got my Pogoplug Pro with internal wifi working as a bridge. Using latest version (4.0.0-oxnas-tld-2) of debian and u-boot. It's early days, so I don't know yet about long-term stability.

I know this is an old thread but i have 3 pogoplug-pro v3 's, one for a daily use unit and one for messing with (which now I want to use as an AP) and the other for parts, (not many parts but its still operational,lol) well I wanted to try this out with a wireless access point and instead of using the instructions listed I used network-manager over my vnc connection, for some reason I have 2 issues:

1. the wireless key will not work to connect to the hotspot created.Any ideas would be helpful!!!!!

2. I had a serial connection (picocom) and wifi (ssh over local network)on two terminals and while trying to figure out the issues I typed in journalctl -f on the wifi connected ssh terminal and for some reason it carried over to the serial terminal as well. I cannot get the journalctl to stop scrolling on the serial terminal, I tried ctl-c, I restarted, I shutdown then unplugged then restarted, nothing is working to stop this from occurring. I am running debian 10 sid on this device, and its been working great other than the 2 issues, any ideas how to stop journalctl from constantly running on the serial terminal??

number 2 is a bit off topic but part of the issue:)

Thanks !!

learning is living! Echowarrior108
gave up on #2 and copied my backup rootfs that I saved for things above my intelligence grade:)

EDIT: this did not help. it still does the logging on the serial while trying to type... going to start a new topic on this!

learning is living! Echowarrior108

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Re: How To: Create an 802.11n AP (Access Point) w/ Debian on a Dockstar/Pogoplug/kirkwood device
November 08, 2019 11:25PM

> gave up on #2 and copied my backup rootfs that I
> saved for things above my intelligence grade:)

Sounds just like what I do from time to time :)

A hobby ceases to be fun when we spend way too much time on it! that's the story of my couple false starts on my recent atempts on building certain Marvel SoC u-boots. I have strong affinity for simple and open source solution. Eg. if I need an NDA with the manufacturer to understand something, I'll am just like, screw it :) I think in a way, it is similar in your case, what is journalctl doing there, I have no idea why.

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I rebooted 3 more times and it appears to have cleared up, what was strange was it came back after a full format and reinstall. I had to do a lot to install rtl88x2bu module , simply because I have not installed modules before so it was a challenge but its not my main plug so I don't mind starting over. but you are right about a hobby becoming a job:)
I had to walk away for a few , my plan is to have an rtl88xbu usb ac1200 running as the AP, I can list the steps needed after days of doing the same thing with the same results:) lol

When I get it working I will make a list of the right way to do it as i have found a few hundred wrong ways to do it:)

It will be fun when it works:)

update: I had it do it again, kinda at screw it stage with this setup , time for a vacation:)

update 2: after installing the duplicate of my "good" copy on a new drive I was running ok until I installed network-manager and all it would do was log on the root screen non-stop. I am assuming this was the issue and not journalctl as I had thought, I purged out network-manager and rebooted and it stopped the logging problem. Has anyone had an issue with network-manager before?

learning is living! Echowarrior108

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