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Best way for automounting external USB drive(s)

Posted by tcatone 
Re: Best way for automounting external USB drive(s)
April 05, 2020 06:26PM
rsync syntax is a little bit picky!

Back up hitch to hammer.

/usr/bin/rsync -aAXv --stats --delete --log-file=./rsync.backup.hitch.log /share/hitch/* /share/hammer

But this only works for shares that are visible in same box (you are pushing to a destination).


Easier commands to do: pulling instead of pushing.

cd /share/hammer
/usr/bin/rsync -aAXv --stats --delete  /share/hitch/* .

Of course you can use a log file like the rsync "push" command.

And put them inside a shell script, run it in the backgound so you dont need to keep a SSH session opened while it might take a long time to run.

And another step further is to set up a cron job to run the script dailly.

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