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Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1

Posted by megal0maniac 
Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1
April 05, 2020 01:52PM
When attempting to boot Debian, it kernel panics and I have no idea why.

As has always been the case with the EA4500, I used step 4b to generate the uImage and uInitrd images as the old version of uBoot doesn't handle dtb files as a boot arg. I've tried the 5.2.9 which comes with the rootfs with both the dsa and the non-dsa dtb, as well as 5.5.1 (seems dsa has been dropped).

Using the same process, 4.18.4 was the last version I ran and it worked perfectly. Here's the boot output from trying to boot 5.5.1:

Any help would be appreciated :)
Re: Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1
April 05, 2020 02:17PM
I've also tried kirkwood-linksys-viper.dtb (since it's the same thing) and the one uploaded here: https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,26854,36051#msg-36051
Unfortunately all with the same result.
Re: Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1
April 05, 2020 02:26PM
Huh, curious. It's the same failure that I see here: https://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,36023,36037#msg-36037
Except with a non-null address:
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 88000004

Not that it helps, as I shelved the MyCloud before resolving that :/
Re: Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1
April 05, 2020 05:00PM

It is because the kernel size has grown in both uImage and uInitrd. And we are still running stock u-boot on this box (it has reallocation issue just like most old stock u-boots)

So the load address of uInitrd need to be adjusted to 0x2100000, or somewhere farther in memory.


## Loading Ramdisk Image at 01200000 ...
Image Name: initramfs-5.5.1-kirkwood-tld-1
Created: 2020-04-05 18:39:44 UTC
Image Type: ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed)
Data Size: 9169947 Bytes = 8.7 MB
Load Address: 00000000
Entry Point: 00000000
Verifying Checksum ... OK

And then, the bootm command should be

bootm 0x800000 0x2100000

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Re: Linksys EA4500 can't boot 5.5.1
April 06, 2020 01:41AM
And like magic it works! Thank you :)
I see DSA is default now, which is nice.

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