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Bricked? Pogo Pro; System restore

Posted by Mark 
Bricked? Pogo Pro; System restore
August 15, 2014 07:41PM
I attempted to install Arch on my Pogo Pro (r2s4 P22) and had a bunch of issues. Somehow, I botched the installation and am unsure of how to restore the original Pogoplug software to start from a clean slate.

I have attempted to establish a serial connection as specified in Qui's blog: and have had no luck...

The device does not show up on my network nor can I connect in PuTTY. The Green LED flashes rapidly and when connected the ethernet port has both LEDs blink.

Any ideas how to either restore the system to factory settings or put any form of linux on it to rescue my seemingly "bricked" device?
Re: Bricked? Pogo Pro; System restore
August 16, 2014 01:57AM

> http://blog.qnology.com/2013/10/pogoplug-e02-v2-se
> rial-connection.html

You have Pogo V3, which is different. The serial port might or migh not have different pins out (can't recall). I'll find it in my bookmarks and post it for you. Update: it does have same pins out.

LED flashing green is always a good sight. If you don't see any flashing LED then it's bad.

So bottom line is getting a good serial connection and go from there. It's not bricked!

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