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OrangePi running AV Linux (Debian-based) or alternative?

Posted by JoeyPogoPlugE02 
OrangePi running AV Linux (Debian-based) or alternative?
April 14, 2016 02:13PM
Gents, like last year I'm doing some planning a month in advance. Knock on wood and come hell or high water, I want to get two Orange Pi Plus 2 SOCs and have lots of good times with a neighborhood LAMP stack and Linux media production. That said, 2G of RAM look kind of low when you're rendering some video project, but with a SATA 2 jack you could even use a cheap SSD for swap or something. This in theory would be the bees knees.

The allure of AV Linux is that it's a re-distro of a Debian kernel tuned for low latency (if you sing into a mic it'll be processed without a huge time delay and you can monitor the result without going insane) - that and the included video editing software (Cinerella and others) are notorious for being hard to setup. I could go on and on, WINE ASIO with VST for the highly-evolved Windows-platform audio plugins and a decent desktop in its own right.

If anyone is okay with it, here's a thread to brainstorm to your heart's content if you're interested or have anything on your mind.

Maybe a better question is, for the Pis., how are they if you want to install any old thing like Mint, or for that matter, did I check to see if AV Linux even runs on Pi processors? My bad. BIAB

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