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Video of A10 Debian Sid armhf with MythTV, Xine, and Rhythmbox!

Posted by gnexus 
Video of A10 Debian Sid armhf with MythTV, Xine, and Rhythmbox!
July 02, 2012 10:19AM
Ok guys. I know this is what you all have been waiting for. . .

So here it is! Available also at http://a10linux.org (it is the same page)

If the video does not display then try another browser. Firefox worked for me when the page resided on my server. Now with it on Jeff's site Firefox doesn't stream it, but Konqueror does. I don't know what could cause that problem.
Edit: Jeff has now fixed the streaming problem.

I apologize for the very poor video quality. My cheap 6MP Samsung camera is a pile of junk and it is all I had available.

Please keep in mind that currently GNU/Linux on the A10 does not support use of the A10 VPU or GPU. Playback is currently handled by the framebuffer and the Cortex-A8 processor only. The A10 VPU supports decoding of video streams up to 2160p. Once that is available to Debian then MythTV will play back 1080p streams perfectly. It should not take long to get the GNU/Linux VPU libraries working. My understanding is that the support is there. The tablet already plays back 1080p streams perfectly in Android using UPnP.

Here is the hardware setup used:
  • Eken T-01 7" A10 tablet.
  • HDMI out to KDS 27" monitor.
  • HDMI audio to KDS 27" monitor.
  • PCM audio out to surround speakers.
  • Mythbackend used was located on my GoFlex Net.
  • Sonata was using the MPD server on the same GoFlex Net.
  • Bluetooth keyboard and mouse using a bluetooth USB adapter connected to the tablet USB port.

The Debian Sid rootfs used in this setup, including the MythTV database, is the same one used on the bootable A10 SD card image to be released here shortly.

I would kindly ask that somebody please upload this video to YouTube to save bandwidth on Jeff's site and fix any issues with the video not streaming in some browsers. Here is the direct download link.

Once the video is on YouTube I will embed the YouTube video rather than streaming the webm video from this site.

Thanks again to Jeff for hosting this forum.

Thanks again to all the linux-allwinner developers on the #arm-netbook IRC channel who helped make this event possible!

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