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MOTU M2 & M4: potential Linux dream audio interface

Posted by JoeyPogoPlugE02 
MOTU M2 & M4: potential Linux dream audio interface
July 03, 2020 01:23PM
I just ordered a MOTU M4, which by all accounts is a fantastic value for an audio interface.
Here is a nice review from a Linux guy.

*excerpt: Update 2020-04-13: As of April 2020 and kernel 5.6.3, full-duplex (simultaneous input/output) requires the use of JACK; pure ALSA and PulseAudio will not work in full-duplex mode.

My plan is to use Gravel Claus's TV box with Armbian probably Xubuntu. I think Armbian ended life for that box, so the older kernel might be just right when you read the review. This bundle of 1. Motu interface, 2. Armbian TV box and 3. for now, a 6600 mAh external battery - would use the TV box's HDMI out to some special low power monitor or alternative.

For the time being MOTU's drivers are most optimized under Windows and have the lowest round trip latency at 2.5ms, which means the time it takes to digitize etc is around the same as if it had to pass through 2.5 feet of air. So if a vocal microphone or guitar were plugged in, you shouldn't notice any delay in the least, and even if you did have one channel with a processed guitar playing through amp sims, you can get the vocal channel to monitor the un-digitized vocal while mixing in the wet reverb outs. Those little things make it so versatile.

The actual list price is already the best deal for an interface out there and it's so popular right now I for one have to wait for the back order!

So if anyone is in that market at least you know someone else here too. My last audio interface was the RME Fireface 800 @ $1700 16 years ago and worth every penny. The Motu uses newer AD chips from the same company and probably has a much better DA, meaning everything sounds better.

-= Cloud 9 =-

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