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Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?

Posted by JoeyPogoPlugE02 
Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?
March 31, 2015 04:18PM
As an un-paid tester for some Windows LAN product, they tell me to get a switch and quit using a router.
So today at Goodwill (where else?), I spy a Netgear GS605, gigabit home switch. $4.00!

Truth be told, I don't know a thing about switches. I don't think there's any concept of DCHP, but on the other hand my main router I've entered the recent pogoplug's MAC address to enable address reservation.

The biggest question I really have though, if say, 3 computers with Gigabit are hooked into the switch, and switch has cable going to 100Mbps DSL modem, will whatever's plugged into the switch still be Gigabit? Like:

Gigabit Computer 1----\
Gigabit Computer 2----\
Gigabit Computer 3 > Gigabit Switch supporting large frames>-------> Gigabit Router no large frames-> 100Mbit DSL modem --> Internet
Pogoplug plugs into Switch or router -----------------/

Bit off more than i can chew there... lol Netgear manual isn't very comprehensive however and they show a schema where an 1. Apple G4 and 2. PC with Gigabit - are plugged into the switch, and one connection goes from the switch to a 100MBit router.

I thought... what about Pogo? Can you tell Pogo to assign itself one IP?

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Re: Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?
March 31, 2015 07:58PM
If your PogoPlug is working properly right now then it has no reason not to work with a switch. The switch you got only adds additional ports and that's it. On the other hand if you still have available RJ45 ethernet ports in your router then you have no reason to use the switch.

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Re: Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?
April 01, 2015 12:58PM

assuming all is well and the devices all negotiate there speed correctly. the devices that are gigabit will function at gigabit speed and the devices at 100mb will function at 100mb
Re: Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?
April 01, 2015 03:27PM

Gravelrash said it well. You will benefit greatly with a Gbit switch, if you transfer large files among the Poplugs that plug in to that switch (they are going to be operating at Gbit speed doing that). OTOH, any thing that wired through the router communicating with others will be at 100Mbs speed.

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Thanks mightily
April 02, 2015 01:14AM
that was enough to save my scatterbrain from cerebral gridlock :-)

The other thing, what about Pogo plugged into a switch, do you program a permanent IP into it or use localhost name? I'm just trying to wrap my head around this and figure the most efficient physical flowchart, then do the physical wiring and everything. Almost there.
Re: Is Pogoplug/alarm/debiarm strictly router or will switch work?
April 02, 2015 02:11PM
if you have the avahidaemon running (zeroconf) you can connect to the plug by its name....

example the plug is called myplug

ssh root@myplug.local

: will get you in - saves having to always type the Ip address of the device
thank you thank you thank you
April 03, 2015 01:33AM
Can't thank you enough - I've got a weird brain and peripheral stuff like this can gridlock me altogether.

-update- Along with settings and router(s) login etc. I researched a previous discussion on the benefits of avahi daemon, but will decline and instead make sure every router of mine has IP reservation for Pogo's MAC address.

All in all this was a powerful couple questions that held me up for years, crazy but true. Thanks you guys :-)

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