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Best TeamViewer alternative?

Posted by JoeyPogoPlugE02 
Best TeamViewer alternative?
May 20, 2015 12:29PM
It's all part.. of my rock & roll fantasy

You know what would increase the quality of my world 10-fold if not higher? To get away from this computer, go out in the yard with a laptop that has 30 minutes battery life and carry on where I left off on the desktop computer. Everything still on the main screen. Check email, edit Photoshop/Gimp, organize files, send an email etc. Come back in, plug the laptop in for a charge. Fire up a thin client, everything still on the screen where I'd left off.

After I installed midori browser on the XFCE desktop, right away I had two other computers over LAN using same login, and they were different instances of the same desktop. I'm not saying I expected to mirror what the other computer was doing, and truth be told a Pogoplug Pro doesn't have the RAM to act as a central Desktop, but the more I think of it, one of the Thin Clients around here might perfectly fit the bill.

-= Cloud 9 =-

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Re: Best TeamViewer alternative?
May 20, 2015 11:08PM
sound like you are heading for a thinclient terminal desktop computing experience.... checkout LTSP as a starter for 10
May 21, 2015 01:06AM
Wow wow wow... that Thin Client I'm crazy over is a 10ZiG 6772 - just bought a fast 32GB USB stick and put Mint on it - love it - I just have to add a USB 3 PCI card (there's a slot of that and a PCIe in a crazy place) and 4 GB RAM (they claim a RAM limit of 2GB but I've already run x64 Linuxes on it) and between that and the Pogos I'm not sure if i care about Desktop computers any more :--) I'm ALIVE! Thanks man :-)

-= Cloud 9 =-

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Re: Best TeamViewer alternative?
May 21, 2015 05:29AM

have a look at chromixium for your thinclient-desktop-replacement. i think once you have it installed you will be pleasantly surprised at how well it runs. on a low spec thinclient its far far leaner than mint.



Re: Best TeamViewer alternative?
May 21, 2015 01:08PM
Got that incoming on the Thin Client, first time using Transmission.. maaan... if/when i get USB 3 sorted these USB plug OSs are going to be a great and wholesome hobby/way of life :-)

-= Cloud 9 =-

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