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Dockstar-Restore Stock Firmware

Posted by Shadow128 
Dockstar-Restore Stock Firmware
August 08, 2015 05:06AM
Hello together,

I want to restore the original stock firmware on my dockstar.
Before first Debian flashing i read out only with the dd-method:

 cd /tmp/stick
 mkdir Backup
 cd Backup
 dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=mtd0.img
 sha1sum mtd0.img >mtd0.img.sha1
 dd if=/dev/mtd1 of=mtd1.img
 sha1sum mtd1.img >mtd1.img.sha1
 dd if=/dev/mtd2 of=mtd2.img
 sha1sum mtd2.img >mtd2.img.sha1
 dd if=/dev/mtd3 of=mtd3.img
 sha1sum mtd3.img >mtd3.img.sha1

As I read now, this method was not the best choice :-/

Is there any chance to restore my dockstar to stock firmware?
As I remember correctly i stopped only the hbmgr-process:
 vi /etc/init.d/rcS
 Zeile "/etc/init.d/hbmgr.sh start" ausdokumentieren (/etc/init.d/hbmgr.sh start -->
 #/etc/init.d/hbmgr.sh start)

and installed debian with the script from this homepage - http://jeff.doozan.com/debian/dockstar.debian-squeeze.sh

So I think it should be ok to reflash mtd1, mtd2 and mtd3 from my backup?
Or should I before check something?

Thanks for your help,
Re: Dockstar-Restore Stock Firmware
August 08, 2015 03:14PM

You can still boot back to the Pogo OS if you remove the USB stick. Is that what you want to do? or really going back to stock all the way?

Using dd is not optimal, but if you don't have any bad blocks in NAND then it's probably OK to dd them back.

However, the best way to go back to stock is to find an original u-boot and flash it back. When you installed using Jeff script, the original u-boot was copied to the rootfs in NAND. So it is there in your system already.

- Try boot back to stock OS. Log in and look at the top level directory /
- When you find the file uboot-original-mtd0.kwb, that's your original u-boot.
- Plug in the USB stick and copy this original u-boot to it. If there is an md5 file with the same name, copy that also.
- Reverse the change in hbmgr.sh
- Reboot back to Debian

Everything I suggest below assuming on the fact that you have booted in to the stock OS by removing the USB stick. If you could not do that, then ignore what I describe below. Don't try to restore u-boot.

Once you are back to Debian, look at the original u-boot.

- If there was md5 file found above, then check the md5 of the original u-boot image. If the md5 matches, then you have a good copy. If there was no md5 file, then don't worry.
- Chech your NAND for bad blocks
dmesg | grep -i bad
- If there is no bad block, then you can flash the original u-boot to mtd0. See my u-boot thread for similar instruction:
- If you're not sure about flashing, then post the commands you are going to do here and I'll verify them.

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