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system snapshots / Packaging : anyone here any good?

Posted by Gravelrash 
system snapshots / Packaging : anyone here any good?
June 19, 2016 04:31PM
here is the premise - im attempting to build from source a package with about a gazillion small files and dotted around umpteen different directories.

What i would like to know is it possible to do a diff on an entire filesystem so i can take a snapshot pre and post make install My other option is to spend the next few weeks reading and disecting every makefile in the package..

EDIT : i think this may be what im looking for

First snapshot (before.sh script):

find / -xdev | sort > fs-before.txt

Second snapshot (after.sh script):

find / -xdev | sort > fs-after.txt

To compare them (diff.sh script):

diff -daU 0 fs-before.txt fs-after.txt | grep -vE '^(@@|\+\+\+|---)'

The good part is that this uses pretty much default system binaries. Having it compare based on content could be done passing find an -exec parameter that echoed the file path and an MD5 after that.

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