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Sadly my Pogoplug E02 has lost it's will to live.

Posted by feas 
Re: Sadly my Pogoplug E02 has lost it's will to live.
April 02, 2017 11:59PM
JoeyPogoPlugE02 Wrote:
> * Sorry I got off topic really. Feas and his proje
> ct for the children's hospital is the focal point
> and.... I have an idea:

No worries here, thats how conversations go.

> First of all, considering my own personal challeng
> es at the moment I don't have money to donate yet
> still want to help.

There are non-monetary ways you can help if you like. I have been going through some code and editing a guide for the different sensors and such. If you want to help with this just send me a PM with your email address and I can send you what I have so far for the guide. For the code you just need to download the arduino ide and check that it compiles and make comments for what the lines are doing to help them get a hang of the programing.

> If there's a way I can bumpers
> ticker a message in my signature linking it to don
> ation page unrelated to me, I'll do it and for spe
> cified time like 30-90 days and see how it goes. W
> hat is the compelling persuasive language? Actuall
> y that could change once a week until the best one
> is found.

The amazon wish list is up above if you wish to link to it. Please note that if someone wishes to buy elsewhere to use the purchased from somewhere else link in the wish list to prevent duplicate purchases though.
I am not quite sure what is meant by "What is the compelling persuasive language?"

> ** decades ago my cousin found himself paralyzed q
> uadriplegic on his 18th birthday, and in the last
> 10 years of his life I tried and failed several ti
> mes to get him a computer. They were very expensiv
> e in the 80's and he never did get one. Therefore
> I know what can happen without that kind of hope a
> nd personal fulfillment, discipline and general fu
> n. This is important.

It is very important to be able to at least challenge yourself mentally for me also since having physical limitations. You can only read so many books and watch movies for so long.

Besides who knows what can become of providing the kids this avenue of distraction and challenges. We may have a future developer but even taking their minds (and their parents/siblings) somewhere else for a few hours is worth the effort to me.

I was able to get a good deal (I think) on some laptops today so I only have one more to go for that item. I am hoping to be able to get the other stuff in the next month or two from whats left of my VA pension after expenses.
Some of the items I purchased and was waiting on delivery look like they were run over by a truck but the seller agreed to resend one of the items again and another was refunded so I can buy it again.

I still have a few sensors that need to have the headers soldered on so I need to get a hold of the guy who soldered all the headers for the PI zero and see if he has time to do them for me.

There is still a good amount to do but it fells like it is all coming together now.
Re: Sadly my Pogoplug E02 has lost it's will to live.
April 03, 2017 02:06AM
> staken our Pogoplugs don't have a(n) RTC either?

The Dockstar, Pogo E02, Pogo V3, Pogo V4, and GoFlexNet don't have RTC. The GoFlex Home does have RTC.

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