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Anyone ever got source code from Shuttle?

Posted by ingmar_k 
Anyone ever got source code from Shuttle?
February 03, 2018 03:51AM
Hi all,

I recently accquired a Shuttle KS10 NAS, which is a quite interesting 1-Bay NAS with Armada 370 SOC and WIFI.
Nice for setting up a small backup network share with its own WIFI AP.

Looked at the sofware and it still uses kernel 3.2.xx, which I don't really intend to use.
So, I wrote to Shuttle support TWICE, inquiring to get the source code, for the obviously Linux-based system and U-Boot.

So far, no answer AT ALL!!!

Did anyone of you ever get and answer and source code of any kind for any of the Shuttle NAS products (KD20, KD22, ...)?

Thank you!
Re: Anyone ever got source code from Shuttle?
February 09, 2018 12:31PM
About another week later and still no reaction from Shuttle. Not even any answer at all.
If it stays that way, I already told them, that it would be time for an entry at http://gpl-violations.org/ .

I do not understand it, that in todays world, companies still think that they can just use open source, without working according to the rules. It's really sad.
Re: Anyone ever got source code from Shuttle?
February 21, 2018 01:22AM
Still no answer(s) from Shuttle. Informed the team at gpl-violations.org, like I said.
Let's see if they can help, as I see this kind of behavior as inacceptable. Using open source software as you please, without providing anything, that the license terms clearly state, is NOT the way to go.

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