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Booting Zyxel NSA-325v2 from USB Stick

Posted by rickroyce 
Booting Zyxel NSA-325v2 from USB Stick
February 05, 2019 06:46AM
Hi everybody,

after years of ignoring my Zyxel-NAS, I want to revive this part of hardware with a up-to-date Linux and NAS System. I read a lot about uBoot, get root access and so on. Now I want to install this Kirkwood Kernel file to a bootable USB memory stick, which I found here in the forum.

The problem is, that I dont know, how to setup the USB stick to manage the boot and rootfs partitions and which file has to be where?

Is there a good tutorial to create a bootable USB device with the files I mentioned above?

Kind regards
Re: Booting Zyxel NSA-325v2 from USB Stick
February 05, 2019 03:04PM

> which
> I found here in the forum

That's the release thread for the latest rootfs and kernel. The instruction in the first post shows you how to create the Debian rootfs.

You also want to install the new U-Boot:

Basically, I don't have a beginner tutorial to show steps by step how to do a complete installtion. You'll need to read the 1st post of those 2 threads to see if you are comfortable with doing these installations.

The best way for someone who is not familiar with manual installation procedures like these is to read and then copy the instruction step into a notepad, and post here what you understood you are about to do. Someone or I will look at your own steps and help pointing out if they are correct.

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