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dpf-ax 0.40

Posted by superelchi 
dpf-ax 0.40
May 10, 2013 08:39AM
New version dpf-ax 0.40 now available in svn.

PLEASE NOTE: Sourceforge changed the svn path!
New path/command for checkout:
svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/dpf-ax/code/trunk


* 10 new models supported.

* Many cleanups, fixes and firmware improvments.

* Partial windows support:
identify.py and fulldump.py now work on windows. See tools/README.windows.

* Up to date precompiled firmware, tools and sources available for download:
see http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpf-ax/files/.

Complete list of changes from Changelog:
Fri, 10 May 2013
v0.40 by superelchi
       * General cleanup:
         - Removed unnecessary files.
	 - Makefile cleanup.
	 - README cleanup.
	 - Renamed display firmware files from fw_disp_* to fw_*.
	 - Readded missing "reverse" folder.
	 - Renamed folder "fw" to "tools".
       * Compatibility fixes:
         - Added check for correct sdcc version in src/Makefile.
         - Added headerfile <stdint.h> to dpf.h.
         - Compatibility fix in python/Makefile for non-debian linux.
         - All python skripts now syntax compatible with python 3. But still need python 2.7 to run. :-(
       * Partial windows support:
         - identify.py and fulldump.py now work on windows (see tools/README.windows).
       * identify.py changes:
         - Flashdump now saved to folder tools instead of tools/identify.out.
         - Flashdump filenames now include a date/time stamp.
	 - Renamed temp folder from identify.out to lcd.tmp.
	 - Dropped support for generic models.
	 - Better firmware detection.
	 - Signature expanded to include backlight and contrast type.
	 - "-d" switch will build skeleton lcd files (dpfmodel.h/lcdblit.s/lcdinit.s/lcdsetor.s) in identify.out.
       * Firmware:
         - Dropped support for generic models.
         - New resolution: 160x128.
	 - NO_BATTERY_CHECK in src/Make.config is now uncommented by default.
         - Menu-Setup-Backlight: value wraps around instead of stopping at lowest/highest value.
         - Menu-Setup-Contrast: value wraps around instead of stopping at lowest/highest value.
	 - Better Backlight & contrast handling.
	 - Fixed error in init.c: some types did not wake up on Keypress after Poweroff (by "Menu"|"Off").
       * Deleted all "generic" models:
         - blue.
	 - focal, focal_portrait.
	 - pearl, pearl_portrait.
	 - pink.
	 - white.
       * New models:
	 - abeyerr_black_3 (thx joelbl).
	 - august_dp150a.
	 - coby_dp180 (thx johni).
	 - dx104838_2 (thx j3r, mihre).
	 - dx104838_3 (thx ralf001).
	 - linkdelight_black_portrait_2 (thx Mr. P)
	 - linkdelight_black_portrait_3 (thx prezes551)
	 - veovision (thx ternyk).
	 - xg4241 (thx marcusbrutus).
	 - zipp_dp605 (thx CaptainCheeks).
       * Changed models:
	 - dx104838 brightness control fixed (only on/off supported by this modle).
         - linkdelight_black portrait now supported.
         - yallstock_black_portrait now supported.

Have fun,


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