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firmware upload to ram (dpf-ax, ax206, bload)

Posted by amx 
firmware upload to ram (dpf-ax, ax206, bload)
August 26, 2013 06:15AM
Hello everybody,

i own a ax206 based dpf ("peral_custom", on the pcb silkscreen it says "ax203") and I want to upload code to ram. I know there is a tool in dpf-ax called "bload" (to be used in bootloader mode). What I am looking for is a code template, like a crt0+main+Makefile or something equivalent and the syntax for bload to execute the code directly from ram.
I have sucessfully build the default ("pearl_custom") firmware and flashed it to the device.

I plan to execute some code for testing and I dont want to flash it every time.


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On the ax-206 DPF is there a way to make it play animated gifs? What is the firmware written in? All I want to do is have it boot up and play a 10 frame GIF.

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