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USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter

Posted by craigcoffman 
USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 23, 2016 11:38AM
Has anyone located such a device? I've come into a couple of automobile color LCD screens that would be perfect for use as a monitor for my pogoplugs &/or dockstar.

They are 7" & do standard NTSC or Pal only (480x234 px) has RCA inputs.

I'm also wondering if it would be possible to use a USB to VGA display adapter & then convert from the 15-pin VGA to RCA & just manually set the resolution to NTSC (480i as above).


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Re: USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 23, 2016 12:43PM
I should add... I'm not looking to use this as real "desktop" display.. just for informational-type screensaver display use.
Re: USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 24, 2016 05:06AM
Re: USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 24, 2016 05:25AM
Those sort of cable are for doing video capture. It wouldn't help for hooking up to a display as there is no video display device/chip.

More research has shown there it is to cheap devices available that are supported under linux to varying extents. The first is "displaylink" (not sure if this is a true brand-name) & the second is a device bering the the name "Triton" or "Tritton"

here's one of the latter:

here's a display link device:


The display links apparently are pretty well supported under most versions of linux, using a standard kernel module.. but I have read some reports of the "Triton" working as well. IIRC both used a SIS chip.

Anyway, the funny thing is these older devices are more expensive than the newer devices that output a higher-resolution signal via hdmi.... those are everywhere & very cheap. So if you are looking to hook up a new monitor, those would be the way to go.

All that being said, I can't imagine the performance of the video would be great by today's standards, & of course the ARM device itself likely would not give great desktop peformance even if running a lightweight X-desktop... but it could be done. I'm sure someone's done it.

What I'm trying to do though is to use an NTSC (480i) 7 inch display... hence need to go from the VGA output to the RCA & set the resolution right. My application is a "now-playing" screen on my A/V rack, which would also display headlines of the day & current weather images.
Re: USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 24, 2016 08:06AM
use the displaylink with a vga to RCA adaptor



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Re: USB 2.0 to NTSC (RGA or S-Video) adapter
February 24, 2016 12:53PM
Unfortunately it's not just that easy. Getting the hardware to put out the right signal (NTSC 480i) is the stumbling block. Just putting an adapter on the end won't do it & it looks like trying to get X to put out that signal may or may not really work.

Hence why I was hoping there was some device made to put out the NTSC signal natively.

Then there's the cost... @$40 for the display link VGA adapter, it's more cost effective to use a different piece of hardware than the pogoplug if the display is really needed. And, you can buy a 7" MONITOR that does various compatible resolutions for less than $100.

Mabye someone else will have some thoughts.

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