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Posted by bodhi 
September 03, 2015 08:00PM
This thread is serving as a mini-wiki where we want to maintain a list of interesting topics and tutorials written by forum members. Please PM bodhi if you want to nominate a tutorial that you think was well written and useful, and any interesting topic that you think should have more visibility and discussion.

Kirkwood plugs

Latest Linux Kirkwood kernel and rootfs (sticky thread)
Latest Kirkwood u-boots (sticky thread)

Oxnas plugs

Latest Linux Oxnas kernel and rootfs (sticky thread)
Latest Oxnas u-boots (sticky thread)

Debian Desktop

XFCE desktop Pogoplug Debian
Linux Logo

Hardware Cryptography

Marvell CESA (also see correction post in this thread)
Marvell CESA in kernel 4.4 performance

Backup and Cloning rootfs

CrashPlan 4.3.0
Backup/Restore rootfs using tar command
Adjust udev rules after cloning rootfs
Stock Pogoplug rootfs


Making a RAID1 rootfs
Booting btrfs RAID 1 rootfs on Kirkwood boxes

Media Streaming

Streaming music from Kirkwood plugs to IOS devices via WiFi
Create Your Own In-Home Radio Station Using a Pogoplug Mobile
Install Logitech Media Server on Debian wheezy
Install Logitech Media Server on Debian jessie
Install Logitech Media Server with nightly build (WIP)
Plex media server on PogoPlug


NFS - HowTo set up NFS shares (and boot NFS rootfs)
Boot your Dockstar (and other plugs) using NFS rootfs

Wifi Access Point Setup

Create an 802.11n AP (Access Point)


Samba smb.conf for a simple set up
HowTo setup Samba/CIFS shares


Asterisk for Google Voice
FreePBX12 (IncrediblePBX) and Asterisk 13 on Pogoplug Pro V3

Infra-Red Controller and USB Keyboard

How to build Infra-Red Controller using your Dockstar (external link)
Control DockStar (and other Kirkwodd boxes) with USB keypad
Pianobar control from USB keypad

Home Automation


Key daemon (button control)

Multimedia keyboard daemon for Linux


Automount USB drives with udev rules using disk label

Home Cloud

OwnCloud optimization

Booting Debian on Pogoplug

How to set up U-Boot for booting in multiple drives configuration
Backup and Restore NAND mtds
UART Booting HowTo for Selected Kirkwood Devices
Migrating from Arch to Debian?
How to boot new Debian rootfs using stock u-boot tftp
How to clone a rootfs from one Kirkwood box to another: Step 1 and Step 2


OWFSPlug : 1-Wire File System + Motion Detection Software in a NAND Package
OWFS & Motion Detection (external link)

Serial Console & JTAG console

Repair Pogo E02 with Raspberry PI (JTAG) and OpenOCD
Serial Port connector - what are people using to make it work
Serial Console hookup - GoFlex Net (external link)
Serial Console hookup - Pogoplug E02 and Pogoplug Pro V3 (external link)
OSX Serial/Net Console
Use Phone Jack - Phone Jack Serial Console Pics
Adding serial connector to Pogoplug Mobile (external link)


Use netconsole to troubleshoot uBoot without a serial cable
Use netconsole to troubleshoot Debian kernel booting

Rescue Systems

Rescue System V2 (Original)
MacPlug & SMBPLug
Rescue System Pogo V3
Rescue System V4, using a custom LEDE firmware (BETA)


Tritton USB2VGA
HP T5325 X11 GUI (LXDE)

Flash drives issues

How to prolong the life of your rootfs USB thumb drive
Overprovisioning A Flash Drive?


Debian hdparm (HDD spin down)
Hard Drive Idle Tool (an alternative to the standard Debian hdparm)
Apt-cache server


Pogo ProV3 vs Pogo E02
Another Pogo Pro V3 benchmarks
Network performance - SAMBA - NFS (various protocols)
Pogo Pro V3 Network NFS benchmarks


Overclock the Pogo V4/Mobile to 1Ghz
Pogo V4/Mobile overlocked with USB2TTL adaptor
Pogo V4/Mobile overlocked with no resistor needed

Harware Clock

Setting the hardware clock in u-boot

Under/Over the hood Modding

Pogoplug Pro / V3 Internal SSD Mod
Pogoplug Pro HW mods
USB Wireless Extender (homemade antenna)
Adding 2nd SATA to HP Thin Client T5325 - Mod 1
Adding 2nd SATA to HP Thin Client T5325 - Mod 2
Connect to external SATA drives (or eSATA enclosures) from a Pogoplug V4
Dual Wireless Antenna on Pogo V3
A quiet and movable fan for your desktop case
NSA320 mod for an additional usb port
Pogoplug Pro V3 Dual Antenna for Wifi

Developer Tools Box

Finding address of stock envs of fw_printenv

NOTE: threads that has (WIP) or (BETA) indicate that it's a Work-In-Progress or released as beta version. It might be changed by the author later, or unfinished. If you are the author, please let me know if I should remove this status.

--- END --

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Network performance - SAMBA - NFS (various protocols)
Pogo Pro V3 Network NFS benchmarks

latest Kirkwood kernel builds and rootfs
latest u-boot-kirkwood builds
latest Oxnas kernel builds and rootfs
latest u-boot-oxnas builds
latest MVEBU Armada kernel builds and rootfs
U-Boot & Kernel Booting process
bodhi's u-boot GitHub
bodhi's corner

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