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[STORA] New rootfs installation

Posted by Sigri 
[STORA] New rootfs installation
August 31, 2022 11:10AM
Hello here,

I'm a new user of this forum, i'm navigate easily in Linux but beginning in "kernel/rootfs/boot" idea.

I have follow this topic to unbrike à Netgear Stora MS2110 with poor stock version :

I can only have GPIO/Serial access (with ardruino + TTY), and i don't understand how to replace uBoot/rootfs, to have a recent access.

The topic i follow can give me a Stretch installation, but in repository step, it's failed because version is very deprecated.

In follow my hardware logs :

And my installation logs :

I don't know what is my "uBoot" version, and i don't understand how to follow this installation topic :

Have fun !
Re: [STORA] New rootfs installation
August 31, 2022 03:40PM

1. Create the USB Debian rootfs using Debian-5.13.6-kirkwood-tld-1-rootfs-bodhi.tar.bz2


2. Dowload the u-boot tarball uboot.2017.07-tld-1.netgear_ms2110.bodhi.tar to this new USB rootfs:


3. Before flashing new u-boot, you need to use kwboot to run the new u-boot image over UART, to make sure you can recover from a bad flash.



Read those 3 instructions, make sure you understand all before installation. If you don't understand something, post the question.

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Re: [STORA] New rootfs installation
September 01, 2022 10:25AM
Hey, thank you for reply !

Step 1 is done. Now in step two, i don't undestand how to unzip the *.kwb file to the /boot folder.

For the moment rootfs key is on my computer and not on NAS, and i don't know how to install/unzip this file into boot, because tuto use flashing method, or /rootfs method but need printenv, etc, and i think this command is only on the NAS.


EDIT : FYI, actual uboot version :

./kwboot -t -B 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 -b uboot.2017.07-tld-1.netgear_ms2110.mtd0.kwb

Result is
Sending boot message. Please reboot the target.../

But after rebooting, and press stop button to don't launch OS, no any result.

And if i don't press stop button, launch failed because usb boot don't find uImage and start is crashed.

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