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Dockstar UMTS/HSDPA Router

Posted by peter.hausen 
Dockstar UMTS/HSDPA Router
August 16, 2010 07:44AM
Cheap UMTS/HSDPA Router:
Use a USB UMTS/HSDPA surfstick (e.g. Huawei E510, E220), mostly they come with 2 GB SD Card Reader.
Install Lenny due to missing wvdial support at squeeze...
Add as much services you like (IPCop, samba, NFS, WU-Ftp, Apache2, PHP etc...)
Install Webmin with all needed modules...

Maybe add Wifi-USB Card and pop-up you own local UMTS/WIFI Cell... (not tested yet)

Performance is quite O.K. Those who start picking on performance: Yes I know what kind of hardware's ticking inside!!
Re: Dockstar UMTS/HSDPA Router
August 21, 2010 08:38AM
Hi peter,
Would you give us an how-to on how you made your HSDPA/WiFi AP ?
I would be very much interested in such a setup for a summer apartment we have.
Pointless to rent an adsl for a only a couple of weeks, right?
Speed is not my main concern.
I just need browsing capabilities for a couple of WiFi clients in WPA2 with Firewalling enabled on the dockstar.
CLI configuration is ok but web-configuration would be a killer :P.
Thanks in advance :).

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