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Kernel for Goflex Net with SATA support

Posted by WidiGMX 
Kernel for Goflex Net with SATA support
October 06, 2013 02:45PM
Hello community,

first off all: Thank you to all who spent them time to build the linux system for our devices.
I had a preconfigured debian (squeezeplug.eu) running on my Goflex Net until the USB stick died.
During the last days I installed a Debian Wheezy on a new stick (first a Squeeze using Jeffs script, then a Debian upgrade to Wheezy). But the provided kernel (3.2.0-4) does not support the Goflex Net. The system does not boot if I use arcNumber=3089 (as previously). Instead of them I use arcNumber=2998 - here the system boots but without SATA support I believe.
Now I am going to install the current kernel from bodhi. However, I don't like it when I need to create the uImage and uInitrd manually every time when the kernel is updated. That´s one reason why I like Debian - the update and upgrade process works, even without manual intervention.

Thus, my question: Is there anywhere a debian repository that provides the kernels from bodhi for the regular update/upgrade process (apt-get)?

Re: Kernel for Goflex Net with SATA support
October 06, 2013 04:32PM
Hi Widi,

Orginially, the uImage and uInitrd were generated automatically by flash-kernel package if you have it installed. But people have problem when flash-kernel generates uInitrd that does not work with the initrd.img-xxx and the system could not mount rootfs. So I recommended removing flash-kernel and generate these 2 files manually. But everybody has his/her own preferences! so either approach is fine, and neither is better or worse.

When you apt-get update and upgrade, the kernel (vmlinuz-xxx) does not change, only your rootfs. So the file will be potentially affected is the initrd.img-xxx. If this file changed, then the uInitrd needs to be regenerated.

If you like the apt-get process to generate the uInitrd, you could try changing the kernel name to the conventional name. And install flash-kernel if it is not installed. Remember to clone your USB stick to another one so you can boot and fix any problem while changing these names. Sorry I don't have the details here, just thought it should work.

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