Sound issues
October 02, 2010 07:07AM
Hi there, I bought an USB sound device in order to hear music and let my DS speak out texts via flite.
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 1130:f211 Tenx Technology, Inc. TP6911 Audio Headset
In Debian Squeeze, the sound is stuttering somehow and it doesn't seem to depent on the volume set in ALSA. I tried several kernels, but with 2.6.33-5, the problem still remains.
Re: Sound issues
October 04, 2010 08:45PM
How did you get lsusb? I dont seem to have that on mine. I did get a very crummy sound card to work but it's distorted. It's also distorted in windows so I don't feel so bad. I just wanted to see if it could work. Next up might be a budget internet radio player.

One thing I saw is their are settings for changing latency. No idea if that will help or not. On the off chance your card says "3d sound" on top.... it's cheap. I suspect it will always sound that way. What do you want for $2.50? :)
Re: Sound issues
October 04, 2010 09:29PM
How did you get lsusb? I dont seem to have that on mine.

Install the package "usbutils"; that's where it lives.
Re: Sound issues
October 05, 2010 04:28PM
sudo apt-get install usbutils

Thanks!!! My life is better now.
Re: Sound issues
October 08, 2010 08:24AM
Well, what is strange about the sound issues is that the clicking disappears when another application uses the sound card.

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