PeerGuardian / MoBlock on armel debian alternative ?
February 01, 2014 06:36AM
Looking for PeerGuardian / MoBlock that works on armel debian (device pogo plug e02).
I searched on, google, and cannot find anything usefull.
Re: PeerGuardian / MoBlock on armel debian alternative ?
February 02, 2014 05:53AM
Meanwhile i searched some more and found promising link:

Now i have peerguardian up & running, first i got error 170, log showed iptables are missing, "apt-get install iptables" did the job done.

Be carefull to edit /etc/pgl/pglcmd.conf , otherwise you will be blocked accessing arm device from local lan too.

WHITE_TCP_OUT="http https ssh"
WHITE_TCP_IN="http https ssh"

However i got stuck on last step "update-rc.d pgl defaults"

update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
update-rc.d: error: unable to read /etc/init.d/pgl
Pgl got installed into "/usr/local/etc/pgl" for config, and "/usr/local/etc/bin" & "/usr/local/etc/sbin" .

Distro info

root@debian:/usr/local# uname -a
Linux debian 3.12.0-kirkwood-tld-5 #1 PREEMPT Mon Dec 23 01:56:53 PST 2013 armv5tel GNU/Linux

Software repos "/etc/apt/sources.list" are stable one (wheezy).

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The easiest way to have a working peerguardian is to compile it by yourself.
Download the source files on Sourceforge project and compile it using the lowmem setting and disabling the QT interface.
You can set the prefix too so it will not be installed in /usr/local.
Here is the how-to :

For me, it's working very well !

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