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owncloud optimization

Posted by absintos 
owncloud optimization
July 24, 2014 08:02AM
Hi y'all,

anyone have any clue as to how to optimize owncloud for running on a nas (kirkwood device)?

what annoys me is the gallery app. i want to totally disable thumbnails and configure the slideshow as to not process the pictures at all (just output them directly as they are stored (preferably via x-sendfile))

i like owncloud a lot because of its many features (although it's mobile app (at least android) is pure crap)

did php5-fpm + apc and it works a 'bit' quicker but not satisfactory..

i am looking at h5ai as an alternative...(although no mobile app support at all)

end of rant...
Re: owncloud optimization
July 24, 2014 11:44PM
You'll probably get better support from the owncloud forum.

I tried owncloud on my Pogoplug E02 and it was way too slow for me. Also the iPhone app was crap too. I just ended up using the build in Cloud Engine service (my.pogoplug.com).
Re: owncloud optimization
July 25, 2014 08:18PM
Running a php caching package like XCache will help, but Owncloud on an E02 is still pretty pokey. Whether or not it is usable is, I suppose, something you'd have to decide for yourself.
Re: owncloud optimization
July 30, 2014 04:25PM
Better don't use Owncloud. It's far too ressource hungry. I tried it on my homeserver and it took too much ressources and was too slow. I finally switched to Seafile, which also works properly on the RPi.
Re: owncloud optimization
April 16, 2015 07:39PM
theliquid Wrote:
> Better don't use Owncloud. It's far too ressource
> hungry. I tried it on my homeserver and it took
> too much ressources and was too slow. I finally
> switched to Seafile, which also works properly on
> the RPi.

Not trolling here... honestly... I've posted before... but honestly, I ran ownCloud 6.0.4 w/ apache2 and MySQL for 1 year, and once properly tuned, it did its job w/ distinction (on a GF Home).

Just 2 weeks ago I switched up to ownCloud 8.x.x, but now with Lighttpd and PostgreSQL, and again after some tuning and experiential learning, I'm quite happy with it.

These boxes will do amazing things if properly cajoled.

hey Davy
April 16, 2015 11:30PM
Hey Davy, at Qui's Arch tutorial he said:
There is a bug with using a self sign certificate (expect a WebDav error). You'll need to mount a different disk for your owncloud data folder - /srv/http/owncloud/data (I was not able to get owncloud working if I used a different data folder path).

Is that still relevant? I ask because just for kicks I tried installing it, there was questions about certificates and I gave up, but that's okay I didn't know what I was doing. I like SeaFile too at least the online demo looks cool. But seems to me it requires Amazon storage or something.
Re: owncloud optimization
April 16, 2015 11:52PM
Hi davygravy,

Good to see you're back :)

> Not trolling here... honestly... I've posted
> before...


You've contributed a lot of great works here. I have no doubt your Owncloud experience counts a lot to others here.

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Re: owncloud optimization
May 04, 2015 07:56PM
Heee-hee... good to have a moment to fiddle w/ compilers, source and whatnot...

In light of this thread, I'm re-evaluating my my own experiences wrt ownCloud... and I'm trying out Seafile.

Seafile has an alignment problem (related to ARM5) that is shown here:


...one of the posters purports that it is _not_ an alignment problem. I don't agree.

I'm currently testing a patch provided to me by one of the devs there.


Right now, I'm very, very satisfied w/ ownCloud 8.0.3 + lighttpd + postgresql on Jessie.. I spent some hours/days messing with settings and tuning... compression, php.ini, etc. Running very well and fulfilling all my needs reliably and speedily (within reason).

Will report back with what I see, in terms of Seafile's feature-set and "installability" on our ARM5/Kirkwood machines.

Re: owncloud optimization
May 04, 2015 08:07PM
Best bets for Optimizing ownCloud:

  • choose nginx or lighttpd
  • php 5.6.7 + Opcache + APCu (tried xcache and decided that Opcache was easier to set up, roughly equivalent benefits) ... once the cache is fully populated, it is amazing fast for a 1.2GHz 128MB setup... {edit: was not php 5.7, but rather 5.6.7}
  • turn on compression in lighttpd or nginx ; Hint: don't compress jpeg or anything else that is already compressed by definition (several "optimization" articles mention compressing such image files... not really useful...}
  • turn off thumbnail generation
  • tweak php.ini and fastcgi.ini to accomodate a "RAM-sparse" server with a "non-Beefy" CPU
  • postgresql in place of mysql (this could be controversial... maybe MariaDB would be the best choice.... Sqlite3 is a no-go for more recent clients...)
  • trim _any_ excess and fat that you can find... extra modules in lighttpd or nginx - disable them... the same for modules in ownCloud that you don't use ... disable them...

Just my 2 cents... the current iPhone and iPad clients are great. My wife and I traveled to Argentina in August 2014 and from Buenos Aires I uploaded vacation pictures for family and friends to see. No problem whatsoever. Same from the beach in Assateague Island, MD - the iOS client worked perfectly. At work, I upload screenshots and scans of documents pretty much daily to ownCloud, and use them later in demos, discussions, lectures.

The Linux, OS X and Windows clients all seem to work pretty well.


...native compiling takes sooooooo long... no time to set up a toolchain ATM... grinding away at the build for the Seafile package (4.2.0 with an ARM5/Kirkwood alignment patch applied)...


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Re: owncloud optimization
May 05, 2015 10:17AM
Thanks for sharing. Hand tools in master hands can do amazing things.

Although I do not use ownCloud, I still learnt a lot from you to use the same principle to optimize any package. Cut the fat and live healthy.

Re: owncloud optimization
May 05, 2015 04:11PM

Thanks for the good hints about optimization. As syong said, it's "hand tools in master hands", I could definitely use all these tips in my home build "cloud".

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