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nsa320 zyxel more ram then 512 MB ?

Posted by sz3bbylA 
nsa320 zyxel more ram then 512 MB ?
April 10, 2015 03:40AM
i have zyxel nsa320 1.2 GB armv5, 512 RAM

i try to open this subject because need more ram on my device
from now i have samba proftpd apache mysql postfix dovecot clamav (amavis new) spamassasin and more ... , but .... 30 mega free ram
my toy is very stable and don't want to change

maiby someone know some trick to replace ram chip from main board width more than 512
thanks for help
Re: nsa320 zyxel more ram then 512 MB ?
April 20, 2015 04:58AM
NO idea how you'd replace RAM chip, you'd need the correct equipment presumably, and risk bricking the device if the soldering not done properly ... Google is your friend here, unless some brave soul here already done this !

ALSO, are you sure that RAM is completely exhausted ? You know Debian caches "stuff" in "free" memory, so looking at top can be misleading ... As I understand it - "free -m" indicates how much is cached (and total and used), and by simple subtraction you can work out what's REALLY being used.

MySQL is notoriously memory hungry, so could you either uninstall it, or tune the my.cnf to use less memory ?


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Re: nsa320 zyxel more ram then 512 MB ?
May 07, 2015 09:16PM
How about postgresql instead of mysql? Probably nothing more than a minor tweak, but switching to postgresql saved me a bit of RAM space.


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