How to nstall offline without internet
November 11, 2010 08:48PM
Hi - I have modem connection and cannot allow the installation from the internet.
For those of us with modem (or no internet) are there any tips/instructions for installation?
Re: How to nstall offline without internet
November 12, 2010 01:28AM
Take a look at in a text editor.
You'll see the files its downloads right at the beginning
# Download locations

You can setup a local server to host those files & change to point to them.

There are also extra packages but I would think it will install without them.
# if you want to install additional packages, add them to the end of this list

The latest version of might have changed from what I have so check the file.

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Re: How to nstall offline without internet
November 12, 2010 06:12AM
The files listed in the beginning of Jeff's script are only his Dockstar specific versions and local scripts that wouldn't be in a Debian repository. The vast majority of files are downloaded automatically by the debootstrap command, located halfway through the file. There's no list anywhere in the script of the full list of packages that gets installed, so looking at the script won't help. Also notice what packages are in the extras list; given the kernel and ssh daemon are two of them, it'd be unwise to ignore them....

If you have no Internet access at all except via modem, the only two options I can think of are a) install as normal and let it take a few days to download (the distribution is maybe 300-500MB, so that can give you a guide on how long the install would take), b) wait for Squeeze to become stable, and buy a CD from someone at .

Or if you have a friend with a faster network connection, you could run a rescue CD like Knoppix from their PC, and run the appropriate steps in the install script manually. But that would require a much more detailed write-up than can be done in the forum and would require its own page to outline all of the steps. Better would be to take your Dockstar to your friend's house and install from his/her network.

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