Problem when attaching mp3 player
December 09, 2010 09:08AM
Hi all!

First of all i need to mention that i am new to this whole linux/dockstar topic, so please be patient with me.

Here my Problem:
I used the nice script provided by jeff to install a fresh squeeze on the usbpendrive. This worked like a charm.
Since the dockstar is up 24/7 i thougt i could use it to charge my mp3player with it.

But every time i attach my Sansa Fuze (with latest rockbox firmware) to the dockstar, it stops working properly.
I can't establish new ssh connections and simple commands like ls or reboot are not recognized anymore.
I attached the a part from the syslog in case somebody can help me using it.

Since i am new to linux i would appreciate it if somebody could help me with this problem.

thanks in advance newbuser
open | download - syslog.txt (8 KB)
Re: Problem when attaching mp3 player
December 09, 2010 03:06PM
While it isn't clear exactly what is causing this, I think I can tell what is happening.

The fact that swap and then your / partition become unavailable appears to be due to the USB flash disk no longer being recognised once you have plugged in the media player.

You are going to have to do some experimentation with this. Have you tried plugging other USB devices into your DockStar? If so, what was the result?

My suspicion is that the power drain caused by the media player is affecting the other USB ports as there isn't enough power to go round. Does the media player have an external charger? If so, try plugging that into the media player before plugging it into the DockStar. If it doesn't, do you have a separate powered hub? If so, plug that into your DockStar and then plug the media player into that hub. If the problem doesn't recur, that suggests a power drain issue.

Good luck.

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