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direct serial connection between boards, possible ?

Posted by stef34280 
direct serial connection between boards, possible ?
October 09, 2017 11:10AM

First of all, thanks to everybody here making the hack of pogoplug and other devices possible.

I am using a goflexnet since about 5 years as a mpd music server, with no major issue.

I started with arch and switched to debian when I discoverd this forum.

I bought from ebay 2 brand new pogoplug V4 (not arrived yet), I plan to use one to replace the goflexnet (V4 connectivity will better suits my neeeds) and keep the other one as a spare.
I've read here that ssh access can only be enabled across serial connection on this device.

Is it possible to directly connect the serial port of my working goflexnet to the serial port of the new V4 to enable ssh and then flash new uboot?

Thanks for your replies
Re: direct serial connection between boards, possible ?
October 09, 2017 11:47AM
Usually it is not possible to reassign the built-in uart connection on these boards to use it to communicate with another board. The built in uart is used by the SoC to output boot messages (e.g. u-boot, OS booting) and once the OS is booted it is used for a console access.

While it *might* be possible to remove the tty from the uart port so you can use it with a program like minicom or screen after the board has booted into Linux, it would be far more effort than it's worth.

I would recommend instead that you buy a USB to UART adapter. They are very cheap: under $2 each from China, or under $4 each from a US seller.

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Re: direct serial connection between boards, possible ?
October 09, 2017 09:11PM
Thank you foryour answer

your recommandation was my other choice, i will go this way

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