Installing mainline Debian on GoFlex Home base
May 24, 2012 12:33AM
I have a newly purchased GoFlex Home base (from a sale tipoff from Varkey :) ) and had a few questions on Debian installation. I would like to use the mainline kernel on this, as I have to use some slightly unusual modules and administration will also be easier (this will be a production system). SATA is not vital and I can easily live without it. But am confused about these things:

1. Does the GoFlex Home run fine with a Dockstar arcnumber and the mainline kernel? There are some forum references to eraseblocks problems that I'm confused by.

2. I have installed a Debian squeeze system on an SD card on a new SheevaPlug using the Martin Michlmayr instructions. If I just copy this on to a flash drive, can this be a Debian rootfs for the GoFlex Home too (since these are both Kirkwood systems)? If so, do I just need to upgrade the u-boot and plug in the flash drive? (seems too good to be true :) )

3. In case I can't use the Sheeva system as a rootfs, I presume I would need to use debootstrap as described here and also install a kernel in the rootfs. Would that be correct?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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