"Bus Error"
February 09, 2020 11:17AM
I hope this observation is helpful

installing new kernel 5.5.1 on pogoplug v4 (A3 version) -I got "Bus Error"
the forum had 3 search entries from cdlenfert and bodhi from feb 14, 2019 -hardware failure, but only the hard drive

It worked the next try after a few things:
1. I 'woke up' my hard drive it is a segate st1000lm024 attached via the pogoplug usm/sata connector
2. I added swap space again

I also need to point out that I have hdpram installed and the setting of advanced power management level 127 (so it can sleep) -and it wasnt used for some time.

The next ans 2nd try was successful and it also gave this insight:

I: initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/sda3 (my swap partition)
I: set the RESUME variable to override

Should I make changes to the RESUME variable? I haven' noticed anything 'funny' befroe.

Re: "Bus Error"
February 09, 2020 04:40PM

Consider using this configuration, it never fails on me.

In many Kirkwood boxes running 24/7, I have rootfs on USB, and a swap file on HDD. The HDD is sleeping all the time.

When I used the box (ssh in to do something), or when it was running some jobs, the HDD woke up because of swap activity. And when the system was idle again, the HDD went back to sleep.

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Re: "Bus Error"
February 18, 2020 11:46PM
bodhi and dancyran, forgive me for being new to the forum and butting in here beating the same drum as in the m300 thread, but the timing is such that I feel I should post the link the mailing list thread again and the fact that the memory alignment issue gave me a a "Bus error" also. Coincidence? Perhaps? Perhaps not?


Read the whole thread for context but specifically see my latest post where a specific command gives me a Bus error:

localhost:~# apk list
Bus error

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