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Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close

Posted by itangoii 
Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 08, 2021 03:40AM
Hi guys!

I am restore my DS213 and now it is work properly.
I am load original uboot, zImage (kernel) and rd.bin in my bricked (DS213) and install DSM 6.2.3 successfully!

I found that there are two original Uboot for DS213, they differ in the build date April 19 2012 marwell version 3.5.9 and Aug 19 2013 marwell version 3.5.9, the latter supports the save (save environment in SPI flash) command at f87D0000.

Sorry my English is very bad!

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Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 08, 2021 10:06AM
This is interesting.

I believe we were not aware of this. The flash we pulled from an operational DS213 was dated April and is what we tried to restore.

May I ask where you got the other zimage and with what method you flashed?

I did try to flash the zimage at one time but was unsuccessful. It could have been for this reason.
Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 08, 2021 03:41PM

Thanks for the info. Perhaps you could help itangoii restore to stock.

If there is interest in running Debian, I will come back to this thread and help doing that. We were quite close to get that working in this thread,

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Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 08, 2021 03:46PM
Thanks for jumping in Bodhi.

After seeing his message I checked Synology web site and they have totally redone the archive and renamed directories. There are now a whole lot of broken links on the web. The archive also only goes up to 3.2.x with no 3.5.

It will be interesting to see his response. I checked the files that we pulled from the good box and they are April release times.
Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 11, 2021 07:08AM
The Uboot Aug 19 2013 marwell version 3.5.9 compile Garentt LandFord from Canada!

I am boot device (bricked DS213) UART
./kwboot -t -B 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 -b uboot_ds213.bin -p

After good start DS213, i am flashing uboot_ds213.bin in SPI, next command,

tftpboot 0x800000 uboot_ds213.bin
erase f8000000 f808ffff  (9 sector)
cp.b 0x800000 f8000000 90000

marvell>> reset

after good restart, i am writer zImage, rd.bin, vendor, fis.

tftpboot 0x800000 zImage
erase f8090000 f827ffff
cp.b  800000 f8090000 17b4a8

tftpboot 0x800000 rd.bin
erase f8390000 f878ffff
cp.b 800000 f8390000 324f2c


After i am install DSM 6.2.3

I am add 512MB RAM (tow chip SAMSUNG DDR3 CL9) to 1024MB RAM and little modding uboot for this (change reg. 14 0C to f5fffff1).

moderator edit: please use code tags to post commands/logs.

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Re: Bricked Synology DS213 (Kirkwood) so close
February 11, 2021 11:45AM
Some time ago I posted a link to the U-Boot file which is aptly named 3.5.9


There is only one DS213 in it without either of the dates AMD mentions. I don't "think" programmers would have made a modification to the archive and not updated the designation but it could be.

AMD. Can you advise how you came to find that there were two versions? I'm not opposed to compiling the one in the archive, but given the amount of time we have invested I would like to focus my efforts.

The 3.5.9 archive is Synology specific U-Boot material.

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