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10/23 - New uBoot - GoFlex Net support + new 'arcNumber' variable

Posted by Jeff 
Re: 10/23 - New uBoot - GoFlex Net support + new 'arcNumber' variable
April 27, 2012 09:27AM
@ davy

After reading the stuff here on Jeff's site since it began I finally made an account to thank you for your new u boot. . .

But then I mistakenly landed in this old thread due to your recent post. . .
At first I thought that Jeff had upped one on you and released a new uboot! But then I saw the dates. . .
I think it would have been better just to let this old thread pass peacefully. . . it probably would have been better to start a new thread.

But just to add my thoughts to your inquiry:

If I remember correctly (it was a LONG time ago. . .) I had problems with SATA boot on my GoFlex Net with Jeff's first version of the GoFlex Net uboot (uboot.mtd0.goflexnet.jeff-2010-10-23.kwb) precisely due to the arcNumber=2097. Debian did not boot with arcNumber=2097 due to lack of SATA support. I ended up using Peaslaker's UBIT with arcNumber=2678. It has since been working fine for about a year.

GoFlex needs to use the eSATA Sheevaplug arcNumber as there is not yet a kernel patch with a new Arch number for the GoFlex.

Some would say that every different device (even if it's the same hardware) needs a new Arch in the kernel to prevent confusion. But "eSATA Sheevaplug" works fine for the GoFlex. Do we really need 10,000 definitions in the kernel (and uboot) for the same device with a different name?
Re: 10/23 - New uBoot - GoFlex Net support + new 'arcNumber' variable
April 30, 2012 02:53PM
Well, "works" depends on who you talk to, in some cases. Certainly "boots the device and establishes normal USB & ethernet function" is one aspect of "works". But many of the GoFlex Net/Home devices have a flash chip that has a timing problem w/ the Sheevaplug eSATA kernel. The symptom of this problem is loss of access to NAND partitions while booted in Linux. For those who need access to turn on Netconsole or to change a variable (like... well... arcNumber).

gnexus, actually there is a kernel 3.3.2 rolled (a few threads above or below this thread) where a kernel for the GFN/H is listed. The patches exist, they just aren't in mainline.


Re: 10/23 - New uBoot - GoFlex Net support + new 'arcNumber' variable
May 12, 2012 09:34PM
I'm sorry if this an unescessary question cause I'm just too dumb to find it...
but the directories are no longer browsable so it is very hard to find the images I'm looking for...

is it supposed to be like this or is there something going wrong?

greetings from germany


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