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New Install, Way to Stop Alternating Boots?

Posted by Don Veino 
Don Veino
New Install, Way to Stop Alternating Boots?
April 23, 2011 10:55AM
Hi, I did a recent install of PlugApps linux using latest uBoot at that time. It has been working great, with one exception: no matter what I do, the DockStar alternates between the pogoplug OS and the PlugApps OS with each *power cycle*. I've tried extending the USB disk wait time, doing external e2fsck checks before rebooting, etc. It is 100% repeatable - first power cycle, PlugApps - second, pogoplug - third, PlugApps - etc. However, if I issue a reboot command from within PlugApps, it comes right back up into PlugApps. So the distinction seems to be if power goes away or not.

The issue for me is that I'm installing this in a remote location and really want it to boot back up to PlugApps in case of a power outage.

Thanks for any hints/assistance in getting this resolved.
Re: New Install, Way to Stop Alternating Boots?
April 25, 2011 10:51PM
Are you sure it's not from dirty unmount?
Re: New Install, Way to Stop Alternating Boots?
May 02, 2011 10:00AM
Thanks, it turns out apparently to be a disk and usb bus relationship issue. I ended up doing the fix outlined in this post last night. My Patriot X-Porter 2GB disk apparently needed the usb stop/start cycle in this situation. Attempts at extending usb_rootdelay up to 25 did not work. This behavior was identical on two different Dockstars, with two different X-Porter disks.

Just for anyone following after me, there is another thread here with what appears to be a more sophisticated solution - avoiding the delay of the usb stop/start cycle on cold boots, should the device see the disk correctly the first time. Given my issue is already fixed, I've not tried it.

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