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UART Booting HowTo for Selected Kirkwood Devices

Posted by davygravy 
Re: UART Booting HowTo for Selected Kirkwood Devices
May 13, 2021 07:56AM
MAybe a kwboot option can/needs to be set?
  -b <image>: boot <image> with preamble (Kirkwood, Armada 370/XP)
  -p: patch <image> to type 0x69 (uart boot)
  -D <image>: boot <image> without preamble (Dove)
  -d: enter debug mode
  -a: use timings for Armada XP
  -q <req-delay>:  use specific request-delay
  -s <resp-timeo>: use specific response-timeout
  -o <block-timeo>: use specific xmodem block timeout

  -t: mini terminal

  -B <baud>: set baud rate
Re: UART Booting HowTo for Selected Kirkwood Devices
May 13, 2021 04:08PM

When you see the "xmodem: Protocol error", do the following:

- Make sure the serial wires are far from the power cord (to avoid interference).

- Run with the image uboot.2017.07-tld-1.nsa325.mtd0.kwb as I mentioned on the other thread.

- When you see the protocol error, recall the kwboot command and immediately execute that. Repeat this quickly, as many time as needed.

Run this command:
kwboot -t -B 115200 /dev/ttyUSB0 -b uboot.2017.07-tld-1.nsa325.mtd0.kwb -p

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Re: UART Booting HowTo for Selected Kirkwood Devices
May 14, 2021 02:07AM
So, I wanted to give my feedback and hopefully this will help others in the future also.

USB sticks were not recognized. TFTP did not work. kwboot did not work.

Then came a recommendation by Mijzelf to check if the 5V for the USB was actually being supplied properly. So I added an active USB Hub in between so the USB stick was already powered externally and not through the board.
And it worked!

So, if anybody has the same issue with USB sticks not being recognized or files not being readable, try an active USB hub.

In addition I found that I could not use the same USB stick to flash uboot and the actual OpenWRT. It just would not work. I need to reboot with a different USB stick (no rebooting with the same USB stick did not fix it).
And then it worked.
I tried on my second NSA325v2 using the second USB stick first. Same picture. I had to use two USB sticks in whatever order. The system just wanted two sticks even though both had the same files and same worked.

Anyhow, long story short: THANK YOU ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OpenWRT is now installed and next I need to figure out why I do not have a built in file browser in OpenWRT and then install one to check if the drives are read properly.

Use an active USB hub and have two USB sticks prepared ;-)

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