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How to rescue from "Install Plugbox Linux with kernel in NAND memory"

Posted by zhaozh 
How to rescue from "Install Plugbox Linux with kernel in NAND memory"
May 13, 2011 11:06AM
Hi all,
I tried to install Plugbox Linux in NAND of my PogoPlug V2 and I guess I skipped the step:
on /dev/sda1 kernel_nand_installer

cd /tmp
wget http://jeff.doozan.com/debian/goflex/v0.6/uInitrd
wget http://jeff.doozan.com/debian/goflex/v0.6/start_ubit
chmod +x start_ubit

# Enter UBIT commands at the ubit-v0.6# prompt.
uboot_install pinkpogo
on /dev/sda1 kernel_nand_installer     

#  3 minutes later...
exit           # leave the UBIT shell
/sbin/reboot  # reboot so the install can complete

Now the system just stuck on this when I monitored with serial communication.
## Starting application at 0x00800200 ...

Is there any way to rescue this unit?

See my other post for reference:


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