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XFS supported in ARM? Stable?

Posted by davygravy 
XFS supported in ARM? Stable?
September 22, 2011 05:46PM
I hope this is not minutia ... but for a long time XFS was very unstable/unreliable on ARM. Is this no longer the case?

If fixed, can anyone point me to the docs on it? I'd had no idea it was fixed.
Re: XFS supported in ARM? Stable?
June 15, 2012 11:04AM
What was the instability with it ? Data corruptions ? Kernel panics ?

I will try it on my Goflex Home. I usually use ext4 and btrfs for my text files partitions (autocompression).

What should I try ?

For my perspective I haven't seen any improvement using XFS over ext4 but I can test it if you want.
Re: XFS supported in ARM? Stable?
June 15, 2012 11:21AM
Well, this problem was back in the 2.6.20-ish days... it seems lots of folks use XFS now on ARM w/ no problems, so someone must have isolated the problem and fixed it...


Goodness, how the years roll by... I didn't realize that it was 5 years ago...

Re: XFS supported in ARM? Stable?
November 01, 2012 09:56AM

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