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Bye bye A10! Time for something with better Linux support: i.MX6

Posted by gnexus 
Bye bye A10! Time for something with better Linux support: i.MX6
November 23, 2012 12:04PM
Hi guys,

Just got back from LinuxCon in Barcelona. Not really any interest there in the A10. Can't stay long here at home. Been called away for some field work until Xmas. Unfortunately that means no time to post the old A10 images. I have to leave again soon. I can't access my laptop when I'm gone. I take my co. laptop on the road. Copying the images there is not an option as personal files are prohibited on it. Sorry guys for posting prematurely about the images and getting your hopes up. Others surely must also have the image files somewhere. I'll try to post them when I get back home if there is still interest. Thanks again for your interest in the images. Sorry I cannot do more right now.

I would like to take this chance to say goodbye to this subforum. My A10 devices are already long gone. My friend still has the Mele, but he wants to keep it on Android now and stay away from Linux. His wife found QuickOffice for Android. She now has no need for LibreOffice or Debian. She thus says to "stay away" from it. It is now off limits for testing. The A10 tablet I also sold to my friend for his kids has now died. It appears to boot, but the screen stays black.
The A10 tablet is Dead. No Chinese warranty.

The NDA for the Freescale i.MX6 has now been lifted There are now quite a few i.MX6 quad-core tablets on AliExpress and one on Amazon, in addition to the development boards listed at CNX. My friend and I have decided initially to get the Amazon tablet for testing, and to replace his dead A10 tablet.

On the day the NDA was released there is already way more software and information available on the i.MX6 than there ever has been for the A10. If you look at the CNX post you will see that there are many different models. However, for our purposes, I suggest we concentrate on the dual and quad-core models as these are more powerful and support SATA and other features, and there is only a small cost difference between models. All the IMX6 models "support booting from NAND flash, SD/MMC, SATA or USB depending on the board configuration." A 3.4 Linux kernel is already available, as is a mainlined uboot. The Linux support is from the US-based manufacturer - not from some unsupported and dodgy "leaked" Chinese code as with the A10. There are already Linux multimedia codecs, and an Ubuntu image for the i.MX6, that are available for download directly from the SoC manufacturer. See the CNX link above for more info.

Therefore the i.MX6 is where I will now be concentrating my efforts. Hopefully Jeff will get an IMX6 subforum up and running soon. There is already plenty of i.MX6 information and software out there. I won't attempt to add to that yet. I need a device first. I look forward to seeing others soon who will be hacking on the IMX and helping us see how it performs.

Thanks again to Jeff for his very generous support of this forum and the guides and software I have posted. Keep it up!

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Re: Bye bye A10! Time for something with better Linux support: i.MX6
November 24, 2012 05:27AM
Did you notice that people at free-electrons started sending patches to mainline the a10/13 support?


Good News for users of those devices (not me)
Re: Bye bye A10! Time for something with better Linux support: i.MX6
December 14, 2012 05:18PM
the sammy quad core herd kernel devices (ODROID U) sammy quadcore are the current "dogs b*llocks" of devices US$ for $70+shipping you get a sammy quadcore A9 spiffy hsf/case ..



bye bye A10/A13 ....

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