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One year anniversary - 1 mil Raspi's: how many using A10 Linux?

Posted by gnexus 
One year anniversary - 1 mil Raspi's: how many using A10 Linux?
March 01, 2013 04:08PM
It is now the one year anniversary of the Rapsi - with one million Raspi's now sold. That means it will also has been about one year since the release of A10 devices.

I was initially very intrigued by the Raspi. I was preparing to buy one. But an Android tablet to replace my aging Nokia N800 was a higher priority. I ended up with an A10 tablet due only to the low cost of it on Amazon. It was only by a chance Google search, after installing Debian as a chroot first like on my N800, that I ended up reading the Rhombus page about installing Linux on the SD card. Then I posted in the uBoot forum here about installing Linux on the A10. Thanks to Jeff this sub-forum was then born, and the rest is history.

My hopes were very high for thew A10. We all know the A10 is certainly a better GNU/Linux platform than the Raspi. But unlike like the Raspi or even like Kirkwood, the community never arrived in sufficient numbers to make it a good success, and Allwinner has done nothing to help out.

Hopefully a new device like Kirkwood comes along that better meets the needs of the community. Please help make that possible by requesting native GNU LInux support and drivers from the SoC and device vendors.

In the meantime is anybody still using A10, or have you moved on (or back to Kirkwood)?
Re: One year anniversary - 1 mil Raspi's: how many using A10 Linux?
March 04, 2013 02:33AM

after my Mele had these odd RAM timing errors again out of the sudden (even with images that worked before) I tossed it into a corner and didn't use it anymore since then.

For now, I replaced it with a Raspberry Pi, which works well enough to just serve some movies in the LAN.

Re: One year anniversary - 1 mil Raspi's: how many using A10 Linux?
March 05, 2013 06:34PM
Long time no talk.

A little update from my experience, my meles are still working nicely, more than six months uptime now.
Only one on 32 is dead. Nand failure it seems... (not surprising, like any ssd manufacturer, 3%) but i still have spares.

I never received my Pi, ordered in july, RScomponent recontacted me in december to know if i still wanted to get one... what a joke.

I was surprised to learn two months ago from the RaspyFi project manager (a "bit perfect" audio distribution) the Pi still didn't get a working usb2 driver because the Pi had just a buggy hardware ... and didn't allow to play more than usb1 stream to a DAC... 16/44.1

One of my mele is playing everyday 192Kbits 32bit audio without any problem.

The size of the Pi community is just the result of great support, marketing and addons, not a great platform. This is it.

Mele and Allwinner are still failing to only provide the basics but it don't matters to me, i have what i ordered:
A great working full feature low power little server.

And like you, i'm still looking for a better, nicely supported low cost platform... nothing success yet.

Only a mainstream plarform will do the trick, we will probably have to wait for arm to spread (or re-spread... 20 years later).
I'm still thinking to my old sun ultrasparc ;-)
Re: One year anniversary - 1 mil Raspi's: how many using A10 Linux?
March 05, 2013 07:18PM


try a Hardkernel Odroid .. they have a nice dual A15 in test at the mmt (hopefully with USB3/SATA) and their current Odroid A9 quadcore are v.g quality and start at $65 (exlc pp) .. no SATA though

I.R.O the pi .. its what it is cheap and cheerfull designed to teach kids hardware and sware.. great support, community and lots and lots of projects and startups (like adafruit) jumping on the bandwagon ... always been easy to get one in the UK, more difficult overseas

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