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U-Boot SPL NAND possible/available?

Posted by agelaw 
U-Boot SPL NAND possible/available?
January 14, 2022 03:58PM

Recently i stumbled upon my old Mele A2000 and beside of llearning something new i wanted to do something usable with that device.

After a few weeks of reading, trying, copying etc. i think i understand the boot process of the sunxi-4i cpu. also the nand-ecc challanges and so forth. i also could build (with some pathches from the sunxi wiki) a current uboot binary for mmc, which sees the nand.
I also was able to build the u-boot-spl and writing it to nand and it boots (unfortunately it doesnt boot u-boot tpl from nand)

So my question to someone maybe more firm then me:

when trying to build the u-boot-spl with nand driver, i'm running into compile issues. it seems to me, that the code fromthe u-boot git repo is not working properly for that deployment.
i want to: omit allwinner boot0 and start u-boot-spl directly from nand (allready working) with included NAND-driver, so it boots u-boot-tpl (i'm stuck here) to boot kernel etc. from sata (looking forward to get mad at this stage).

or is this not possible at all?

I'm thankful for any hints or explanations on this topic.

have a nice evening.


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