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OrangePi H3 based

Posted by Gravelrash 
OrangePi H3 based
February 28, 2016 05:29AM
just starting a new thread so we can discuss the Orange Pi outside of the CHIP computer

Known so far (credits go to there respective posters)

Recomended .. credit for the information to joerg_99
Forum http://forum.armbian.com/
Disk Images http://www.armbian.com/download/
Review http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/724-quick-review-of-orange-pi-one/

Power Connector : power connector is a little bit odd. It is 4mm x 1.7mm.

write up : http://www.cnx-software.com/2016/01/03/raspberry-pi-zero-c-h-i-p-and-orange-pi-one-features-and-price-comparisons/
Orange Pi PC ($18.83) : http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Orange-Pi-PC-ubuntu-linux-and-android-mini-PC-Beyond-and-Compatible-with-Raspberry-Pi-2/32448079125.html
Orange Pi 1 : http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Orange-Pi-One-ubuntu-linux-and-android-mini-PC-Beyond-and-Compatible-with-Raspberry-Pi-2/1553371_32603308880.html

other images and information

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Re: OrangePi H3 based
March 08, 2016 03:30PM
Does anyone have the kernel source for the Pi-One?

Following the links and instructions here, the kernel source is missing from the git


gravelrash@4320 ~ $ git clone https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/linux-orangepi.git
Cloning into 'linux-orangepi'...
Username for 'https://github.com';: xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx
Password for 'https://xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx';: 
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository 'https://github.com/orangepi-xunlong/linux-orangepi.git/'; not found
gravelrash@4320 ~ $ ^C
gravelrash@4320 ~ $

Re: OrangePi H3 based
March 08, 2016 09:33PM
I went back a / on your link and there were a couple of options... didnt look to see if they were complete linux but look promising.


Dont clone, just look and see which would be correct.
Re: OrangePi H3 based
March 16, 2016 12:01PM
Let´s test the Orange 10$ Pi, I got mine 2 pieces from China today.
Took about 4 Weeks for shipping to Europe.
First Impression - much more smaller than the Raspi.

Let`s see if he do his Job well.....


the on and only Image who did do it´s Job out of the box is from Igor pecovnik: http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com
for the orange pi one take the "Armbian_5.05_Orangepih3_Debian_jessie_3.4.110"
a good place for getting Information is also this site:
especially for this:
•A different method to regulate the SoC's core voltage (VDD-CPUX) responsible for a few issues currently

after first start you will see this:
___ ____ _ ___
/ _ \ _ __ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___ | _ \(_) / _ \ _ __ ___
| | | | '__/ _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ | |_) | | | | | | '_ \ / _ \
| |_| | | | (_| | | | | (_| | __/ | __/| | | |_| | | | | __/
\___/|_| \__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___| |_| |_| \___/|_| |_|\___|

Welcome to ARMBIAN Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.110-sun8i

System load: 0.00 Up time: 6 min
Memory usage: 8 % of 494Mb IP:
CPU temp: 36°C
Usage of /: 15% of 7.4G

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Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 01, 2016 07:32AM

I came to the same comclusion as you. the images provided by other sources are "very problematic".

after installing the images from armbian, i am very impressed with the quality of there work and how performant this little device is.

Thanks for the information and i have updated the first post to include you link

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Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 02, 2016 12:49PM
These are a truly performant little device!

After having a v disappointing time with the images advertised on the manufacturers website and switching to the images advised by joerg_999 i am very impressed. While the device only has 100mbit networking, for the price/performance ratio. you really cant go wrong.

I have ordered its bigger brother, which has onboard wifi and sata, hopefully this should prove to be equally as performant and will form the basis of an ISCSI setup im toying with.
Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 03, 2016 11:33AM
Gravelrash Wrote:
> I have ordered its bigger brother, which has
> onboard wifi and sata, hopefully this should prove
> to be equally as performant and will form the
> basis of an ISCSI setup im toying with.

Let us know your experience with the bigger ones....

PS: I would also try the fitting Images for the bigger ones from Igor pecovnik - He´s a very good imagebuilder from Slovenia for Hardkernel SOCs.

Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 20, 2016 02:00PM

i made a mistake with my shopping digits and actually purchased the bananapi-pro. its an allwinner A20 with sata and onboard wifi. in many ways i think i have done myself a favour. this board comes with 1Gb network interface and the SATA is direct to the chip and not through a usb to sata bridge.

The images from Igor pecovnik, are the ones i currently run and are excellent for what i have in mind for the bananapi.
Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 21, 2016 04:56PM
Thank´s for your Response, nice to hear that you´r happy with banana pro.
banana pi pro is maybe the better choice for something like to build a NAS or fast copying of large files, but costs more like a OPI PC i think.

But for the price, there is no other SOC to beat the OPI one.
I`ve used mine for a small inhouse cardserver for watching TV and there is no need for SATA or handling big files. It runs headless and do its Job well.
Re: OrangePi H3 based
April 21, 2016 06:05PM
joerg_999 Wrote:

> But for the price, there is no other SOC to beat
> the OPI one.

I totally agree with you on that score! there is nothing on the market (yet) that can compete on its price performance point. One of my "OPI Ones", is doing a similar duty to what you have described.

My use for the banana_pi-pro is a secondary NAS with also VPN and wireless duties. Having seen the performance of the Opi-One i think that it will be a great head unit for an iscsi setup. granted it wont be gigabit speed - but it should equate in real world performance to >2* the performance of an attached usb HDD

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