Gigabyte BRIX GB-BACE-3000
February 13, 2023 06:55AM
Sold for 69,99 € by Amazon.

Atom N3000 @1GHz. (corrected typo, was ...N1000 )
DDR3 SODimm (will report if one is included ...)
WLAN USB Stick (internally WLAN not equipped)
No SSD Included (Sata 2,5" Socket available)
Gigabit LAN
Mic and Headphone Jack...
19 V 2,1A wall wart
Is a Konica Minolta branded version called "Service Box Evolution"
No SODimm equipped
2,5" SATA pigtail cable, fastening screws and mounting frame
M.2 2230 SSD slot

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Re: Gigabyte BRIX GB-BACE-3000
February 25, 2023 12:43AM
Martin aus Dortmund Wrote:
> Sold for 69,99 € by Amazon.
> Atom N3000 @1GHz. (corrected typo, was ...N1000 )


-this is edited- break my heart, the order from Amazon was cancelled because even with another Prime trial, the order wasn't shipped at all three days later and the delivery was pushed back 2 weeks.
I'd rather some other retailer got my pennies. - end of edit

I've got a Thin Client with a single core Atom processor and it's served my needs well for years. So that caught my eye.

But just now I ordered a Beelink U59 Pro and the 2 x gigabit ports could be great fun with the Netgear Stora(s) Trond so kindly sent. The deference given to OpenWRT makes me hopeful, but 16GB RAM is way more than OpenWRT "needs" LOL

There are things talked about years ago I'd like to revisit, the idea of a smart power strip with tiered routers plugged-in has appealed to me for a while, and if there's something that doesn't require Google Alexa - another matter entirely -sorry that tangent; ADD :-)

Maybe I can finally get a little neighborhood server going, suited for rural areas where neighbors are far away but line of sight is good for wireless and some messenger app etc. I might actually need it, as I was half-moved when Covid started and will be stuck here in a nicer neighborhood than I deserve, and the country is appealing to me more and more :-)

-update- Wow, I ordered the Beelink around 4 hours ago and the price has since gone up $50.00!

-= Cloud 9 =-

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Re: Gigabyte BRIX GB-BACE-3000
May 15, 2023 01:58AM

The M2-slot has "E" coding, intended for WLAN modules. No directly fitting SSD found. There are cheap 2xSATA controllers with "E" coding. Installed one of these, but booting failed. Attached a SSD to SATA (Pigtail) Port. First pigtail was broken (either by me or on delivery). Got replacement part for 10 € from web shop I bought the system ...

Is running a Proxmox virtualization system for three months now.

Iobroker and some Docker containers are hosted in the virtualization system up to now...

Old SATA HDD (attached to 2xSATA controller) was detected after booting.

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