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HOWTO : Make life easier

Posted by Gravelrash 
HOWTO : Make life easier
March 29, 2016 06:23PM

If you do something with your device that falls in the following categories

1. You are proud to have acheived it!
2. Software package compilation of interesting app not normally found in the repo's
3. Application use of the hacked device that most people wouldn't normally expect or imagine possible
4. its just so darn cool !

Would you mind doing a write up or adding a link to this part of the forum with a brief description that says/explains what/how you have used you hacked device/created that piece of kit you are proud of?

This will help us all and hopefully lead to more people looking to hack these low cost and often forgotten pieces of technology?

KUDOS: goes to everyone who has already shared there project/accomplishment and to you for sharing future ones.

These will hopefully be added to bodhi's wiki.

Peace and Respect to you all.


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Re: HOWTO : Make life easier
March 29, 2016 06:43PM

The asterix one you are referring to was linked to an external site. the following information is useful

Dockstar Debian/Asterisk Install Instructions - Part 1

Dockstar Debian/Asterisk Install Instructions - Part 2

Minimum implementation of Asterisk for Google Voice
http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,1647 && http://dantheman2865.com/blog/2013/01/asterisk-11-google-voice/

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Re: HOWTO : Make life easier
March 29, 2016 11:26PM
The title really nails it. And since I'm probably the most Linux device newb around these parts but with extensive time spent on Windows, I'd like to present my Pogoplug Problem-solving Playground. As you know better than me there are both fantastic limitations as well as possibilities with these toys. What I have, listed:

1. 1 x E02 Kirkwood
2. 2 x PogoPro Oxnas
3. 1 x Pogoplug 4 Mobile
4. Various ThinClients but only one reliable (and three Wyses ba doom shhh)

So the idea is to try everything, and where accessories don't live up to their expectations, they can be used elsewhere... drumroll please...

* FAILURE UPDATE # 1 This USB plug into an E02 with plug for 2.5" and 3.5" SATA and one 12V power is ordered and arrived. DOA. Nothing. I plugged 12v into it and other USB plug into USB 3.0 port and nothing.

* FAILURE UPDATE #2 This Rosewill power strip with individual switches is perfect for the little rack where the Pogoplugs and router reside. UPDATE i took it apart and it's a fire hazard. They were nice about a refund..

* FAILURE UPDATE #3 This 7-port USB 3.0 strip is yet another cup of truck stop coffee on the boulevard of broken dreams. Arrived fully functioning for USB 2.0. Not 3.0. Big difference. The seller was a dick about a refund until he got his evidence out of my hands and back into his.

This SATA interface with molex plug seems like it was made for Pogoplug Pro, or even half the v4s. Even if you try to cut the SATA cable and solder into a v4 Mobile, which I might try when confident, it's not like you'e out too much money if you mess the cable up. At two per month, I'm slowly hoarding these because of nice long SATA cable and easy to connect molex.

And there you have the order I made last week. I'm looking forward to sharing my reviews and observations in the interest of versatility.

TO GET: 2x this order, but down the road I'll also be looking at a USB ammeter, they're not too expensive and may save a lot of guesswork.

Lastly, the Pogoplugs that run on USB sticks, I'm phasing out USB 2.0 sticks altogether, because the relatively cheap USB 3.0 sticks are 2 to 8 times faster even running in those 2.0 units. Save the 2.0s for backups.

And lastly/finally: There are some generous people out there, who make LibreOffice, AV Linux and all sorts of things, and it makes me feel good and sleep better to seed their torrents off the Pogoplugs when I'm sleeping or bandwidth is free.

-= Cloud 9 =-

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