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External PCI-e slot?

Posted by habibie 
External PCI-e slot?
December 26, 2016 10:35PM
Can anyone please tell me what this PCI-E Express Powered Riser Card W/ USB 3.0 extender Cable 1x to 16x Monero JUL 4 Levert do? Does it provide an external PCI-e slot?
Re: External PCI-e slot?
December 26, 2016 11:05PM
This might be a decent resource:

So this allows you to plug in a long slot PCIX card into a regular PCIE slot - and it will run at the slower spec, but might still have plenty of bandwidth considering regular PCIE is 1GB/s data transfer per lane. That is a little under twice the bandwidth of SATA 3!

One of those must-have items you get two of. It's on my mid-term ToGet list.

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Re: External PCI-e slot?
December 27, 2016 03:09AM
Pretty much what Joey said, with a few clarifications.

It looks like a remote mount adaptor to go from PCI Express ×1 to PCI Express ×16. Used for I dunno?

Graphics card at ×1 would likely suck at best. I've read some of the PCI Express slots are open ended so you can install something meant for a larger slot, and it will work in the shorter slot, but at lower speed.

Not sure whats on the other end of the 4 pin molex connector cable. Almost looks like a SATA power connector, but why? USB cable is just used as an extension of the PCI Express.

Be sure to not get PCI-X and PCIe mixed up. They're different standards. There's also mPCIe, which is just a smaller sized pcie used in laptops, v3 pogo pros, etc. Then there's 1/2 height mPCIe cards, as used in the pogo pro wireless.


I just recently went through this stuff to figure out what the wireless card in the pogo pro plugged into, and what it could be used for.

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Re: External PCI-e slot?
December 27, 2016 11:08AM
One way this could help me, is my main computer has a motherboard with four slots:
1 x PCIX x16
2 x PCIE
1 x PCI

I do some audio & video experiments so the PCIX slot goes to a video card with 2 monitors. But I have two more monitors (1/2-off sale at Goodwill :-) and with one of those adapters I can get any old $10 long slot video card and feed the other monitors.
Like JeffS is saying, that isn't much bandwidth but you could set those monitors with lyric sheets, mood lighting, slideshows, anything that isn't a full-blown game that would take up a lot of bandwidth.

Lately I was in a Thrift store and bought an old PCI video card new in the box.... just to see what it would do, and on an old computer running Windows 7 it wouldn't run Aero but otherwise it displayed really nice. Played movies at 1024 x 768 perfect.

So figure a newer card which are dirt cheap new with 10 x the PCI bandwidth, should be a real good supplement and troubleshooter.

* the reason I don't use the thrift store PCI card int he slot is 1. slot used by Firewire card and 2. old video card has a tiny fan that I know would soon drive me nuts with noise when they break in!

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Re: External PCI-e slot?
December 27, 2016 02:16PM
May be, I asked the wrong question. Perhaps, this question will be better: Is the item a USB3 to external PCI-e slot? If so, then I have a new project in mind, i.e. an inexpensive parallel computational machine for research using a Pogoplug Pro.
Re: External PCI-e slot?
December 28, 2016 01:48AM
> Is the item a USB3 to external PCI-e slot?

I feel pretty safe to say no, without more info. It looks like they're only using the USB cable for it's conductors. The PCIe x1 to female USB adaptor has no electronics on board, only a female USB connector.

If the USB cable was plugged into a USB port, with the other end attached to the PCIe x16 riser, you'd be trying to connect 2 different protocols.... Pretty sure it couldn't work without at least some kind of driver, as used with USB graphics adaptors.

Also, the mPCIe on the pogo is somewhat limited in what it is capable of supporting, based on what bodhi said in another thread if I understood everything correctly. Would different or additional hardware on PCIe need changes to u-boot to identify or initialize it?

A bit off topic, I did look to find that there are graphics cards available for PCIe x1.

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